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Modification Prediction Thread

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Posted 08 August 2013 - 04:22 PM

Judging from Rockstar's track-record a PC version of GTA:V is inevitable. So, with this in mind, let's try and foresee modifications that GTA:V may receive in advance of the game's release on consoles, I'll start:

- Blimp jet mod: the Atomic Blimp flies around like a jet
- Chop parachute mod - Chop gets into planes with Franklin and can pull his own parachute
- Epic mansion mod - this is inevitable, I can see incredible mansions being modded into the game.
- Explosive weaponry mod - yet again, inevitable
- Fuel mod - inevitable
- Pet shark mod - a shark replaces Chop and follows Franklin around
- Fire-engine fire mod - fire-engines spew fire rather than flame-retardent liquids
- Nuke mod - the jet gets a nuke that can be dropped. This decimates all life below.
- Everybody becomes a certain animal mod - self-explanatory
- Flying submarine mod
- IV to V - Like GTA:United, this will bring the IV map to GTA:V's world with all of V's benefits (jets, diving etc...)
- All 3 classic maps in one space mod - this time, LC, VC and SA are all brought to the world of V

What creative mods can you think of?

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