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Could a future Liberty City based GTA game top V?

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Posted 09 August 2013 - 09:35 AM

I would say yes, another Liberty City could top V, but the next GTA that will top V will be VI(ce City). turn.gif

  • gionascm2

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Posted 11 August 2013 - 03:23 PM

I think the next GTA (which will be exclusive to X1/PS4) will not step up by having multiple cities. Not yet. IMO that will come in the final GTA game of the generation; the final GTA game of the gen is always utterly amazing, and so I'd expect multiple huge cities in GTA VII. The next GTA, however, GTA VI, I suspect will take place in Vice City. I think R* would like to so something in the past again. And if not, GTA VI will still be unique in other ways, such as having every interior enterable along with vastly improved graphics/physics.

Regarding the thread's title, I believe so. I think R* have learned their lession about GTA games & what the fans really want. They clearly prefer fun over realism, and because of this lesson R* have learned, I don't think they will make a concrete jungle GTA like IV unless they have some big plans for it. By big plans, I mean some ambitious new elements that would downright outdo GTAV. Things like:
-Every interior enterable
-More photorealistic graphics
-Life-like physics
-HUGE assortment of guns/vehicles/customization options
-Decent parkour abilities
-Dynamic pedestrian AI that actually have a family that you can visit/kill or break into their house.
-Map at least 2x the size of GTAV.

With those features, I do believe a concrete jungle future GTA game like LC could generally outdo GTAV in most aspects.

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