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  • Fredo-J

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Posted 08 August 2013 - 09:37 AM

Hi there

I desperately need some help here. Could someone please give me a brief tutorial , regarding the following:

I created very unique ped.ifp anims, almost realistic movements, including fat belly, buttocks and breasts physics (like DOAX2), but I have to include my specially rigged characters in a complete mod package.

I model and texture in Blender, export to Gmax and rig in Gmax.

Already rigged my models, and I have the export scripts in txt, but how do I edit the text? and how do I run T2B to compile the character DFF?

I tried all tutorials and suggested commands but I always get error; C:\documents and settings\T2B . . . Not valid integer.

Help will be greatly appreciated!

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  • RanxeroX

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Posted 20 August 2013 - 06:33 AM

You might want to look for a great, little utility that I used to use back in my GMax days... You had to have it running in the background before you launched GMax, then it would monitor GMax's listener window and automatically convert any text to binary on the fly for you! Made things so much easier! The only problem is that it's been so long I can't recall the exact name of it... Sorry! Based on my description, you might get some Google hits on it or another user here may have a better memory or check for some of my older posts on this topic.

As for the "Not valid integer" problem you're having, it MAY indicate an error of some sort in your work. You might want to double-check. Usually what worked for me when errors popped up was to first check the models, etc...

Hope this helped and good luck!

  • Fredo-J

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Posted 20 August 2013 - 07:09 AM

Hi there, and thanks RanxeroX, but I found a solution for the DFF export, and it was included in Kam's new Gmax package the whole time, namely; Gtamax, and the t2b compiler does all the work automatically, so if my dayjob doesn't keep keep me too occupied for too long, I might just upload my mod package before the end of this year.

Thanks to All modders, Designers and "Scripters" for their hard work.

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