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[EGES] Electro Gaming Emergency Services [CLAN]

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Posted 07 August 2013 - 07:48 PM

Electro Gaming Emergency Services

JOIN TODAY AT: http://gta-eges.enjin.com/recruitment

NOTE: You will see more on the website once your application is accepted. Please read below to find out more about our clan.

TeamSpeak3 Server:

Hello, and welcome to the Electro Gaming Emergency Services clan,for Grand Theft Auto 4 on the PC. EGES is a roleplaying clan that simulates the life of being a public official in EGES. The main mod we use is LCPDFR, but we do use many other scripts along with our own unique mod pack. Here at EGES, we like to play seriously and realistically. Therefore, there is only certain times to goof around. Doing so in an official patrol will result in warnings being issued by supervisors and then facing suspension from the clan and possibly even a ban.

Patrol Times
We have none-official patrols every day but our larger ones are held on the weekends. We have members from all around the world. So we can safely say we have patrol times to satisfy everybody. If you are late to a patrol, don’t worry. Just enter the game play channel in a manner as if we are recording because we usually are. Patrols are uploaded to YouTube.
Administrative Command

The administrative command team are free to patrol where they like, drive what they like and supervise all lower ranks. The command team is made up of Supervisors, meaning Commissioner Craig, Deputy Commissioner Wind.

General Patrol

General Patrol is one of our two main divisions at Electro Gaming, and no matter which division you choose to join, you will undergo basic training session. This usually takes around 30 minutes and can put your skills to the test.
§ General Patrol are free to respond Muggings, and domestics. Usually stuff that requires a lower priority response.
§ Patrols mainly uses Pistols but very rarely shotguns. (shotguns are stored in the back of their patrol vehicle).

Emergency Task Force

Emergency Task Force is one known as the most Elite division in EGES so not everyone is allowed in it. you have to prove that you posses the skills to be part of ETF and be at least the rank of Constable 1.

§ ETF responds to anything involving weapons or is high in priority (excluding pursuits).
§ Their weapons include, M4, Pistol and a shotgun for breaching.

Traffic Enforcement Unit

The Traffic Enforcement Unit of EGES spends most of the patrol on the highway or major roads. They take lead in pursuits as well. SRGT. takes command of HQ.

§ Responds to Vehicle Accidents, Pursuit Assistance calls, and Stolen Vehicles. These are generated by Bravehearts Police Script.
§ Carries a pistol in utility belt and a shotgun in the trunk of the car.
§ Their main role is to perform Traffic stops (10-11’s)
§ Holds regular events i.e DUI checkpoints.

To join the clan you must meet the following requirements -

- Willing to mod your game to install our vehicle mods, uniforms and various scripts. Not doing so could make people crash and get texture loss.

- We do not have an age restriction but you must be mature.

- Own a legitimate copy of GTA 4 on the PC. (If you don't have the game, feel free to become a dispatcher. We also call this division ‘Public Relations’)

- Have a working microphone for your computer OR have a device i.e . a phone or a tablet to communicate with us on TeamSpeak.

- Follow all commands given to you by supervisors.

Joining Process

To join our clan, just go to the recruitment tab on our website and fill out an application. Admin will review your application and you will be invited on to the Team Speak for an interview. During your interview, you will either be accepted or denied. If your application is accepted, you will be paired with a Field Training Officer (FTO), who will get back to you ASAP and arrange a training time. Training will include:

How to radio into dispatch (10 Codes etc.)
Assess your driving skills and find ways to improve.
How to conduct a safe an effective traffic stop (10-11) as well as Felony Traffic Stops
Various Pursuit Tactics
Target practice
And an evalua

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Posted 07 August 2013 - 08:39 PM

Sorry, we do not allow external gangs here. Gangs must be based from GTAForums.

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