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What "Made" GTA3

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Posted 07 August 2013 - 10:02 AM

With GTA:V mere weeks away I found it rather fitting to compose an article-series of what "made" each entry into the GTA series. This week's version is GTA3 which will be followed by VC, SA, IV etc...

As we verge into Grand Theft Auto: V's cyclopean territory, the best way to hold any ongoing hype until launch is by reminiscing the past memories of times long gone, and in Rockstar Games' case, the best way in which such an arduous task can be completed is by concisely compacting Rockstar Games' Herculean landscapes into a single article for easy memorial.

Just read the article and return here. Thoughts? Taking this into account, do you agree with the content and why?

Let the comments begin, try to keep them converse-worthy, filled with agreeable, questionable and unexpected content.

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Posted 07 August 2013 - 02:07 PM

No love for the original games?

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Posted 07 August 2013 - 04:13 PM

I wonder how GTA V is "cyclopian." Does the game have only one eye, precluding depth perception? Or does the game setting resemble the gigantic constructions of Minoan civilization. I suggest the author "ambiate" away from his thesaurus and write more simply and cogently.

But to the point, I'm a slowly-recovering GTA III addict, no longer obsessed, but still hooked for an hour or two a day. GTA III is unique for me in that I've tried other R* games that didn't engage me: I discarded Chinatown Wars for its comic book look and top-down aspect. I wanted to like San Andreas, but found it over-scripted and maudlin, and threw it out when I saw CJ and his mates make a run for it on bicycles. I'm not attracted to washed-out look of Vice City or Tommy Vercetti as a protagonist, which leaves only GTA IV, which I might actually fancy but I don't need another addiction, and GTA V, which looks fantastic, but also seems over-scripted.

So, why GTA III? The protagonist is physically appealing (I know, in the frontal view his jacket seems to bulge, but when he turns sideways his belly's as flat as I wish mine was) and best of all, Claude leaves the talking to others, which liberates him from the kind of spoken rubbish that limits all R*'s subsequent protagonists. I love the nested story loops and little jokes (Proust in the original Italian.) I applaud R*'s cheerful political incorrectness. And what was cutting-edge in 2001 looks old now, but I still treasure the ambiance and space of Liberty City. Finally, after playing the storyline dozens and dozens of times, there are still missions that astonish and challenge me with brilliant complications.

I'll get GTA V, but I'd prefer a R* expansion of GTA III.

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Posted 22 August 2013 - 05:20 PM

GTA III came out and turned my world inside out. I was longing for more to be included in games having played at the time Shenmue and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (two of the best games ever imo) a year or so prior to that. It marked one of the last times I bought a racing game. Need for speed high stakes I believe (some yrs later I tried MC3 Dub, but didn't keep it around). Notable moments were jacking cars for the first time and listening to the various radio stations as I cruised around between missions. I remember being psyched that 8-ball was being voiced by Guru of Gangstarr fame. Certainly one the greatest and generation defining games ever.

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Posted 25 August 2013 - 11:13 AM

There are other GTA's that are larger, more advanced, and all around technically superior to III. But GTAIII is like that rare accident that comes around only once in a blue moon. It was intended to be revolutionary, but it could never have been predicted how much it has stood the test of time. It holds the destinction of being completely different than anything before it, which is something even GTAV can't claim to the same degree. It was truly revolutionary. And whenever the opening credits come on, it's like settling in to watch a classic movie.

There is a story, but not too much talking. GTAIII is aware of itself, without being over conscious of it's own legacy, as are later GTA's. GTAIII was like a movie star in his breakout role, before everybody knew who he is. The gameplay is so good, and the GTAIII world is so richly executed and atmospheric, that you don't even care that the graphics are dated. That's greatness.

I also have a fondness for GTAIII guy - That's my name for him, I don't like 'Claude'. Because he looks kind of like me, right down to the hair. And I had green cargos and a black leather jacket just like his in those days, and lived in a gritty urban area. So it was like watching myself in video game form. That's what 'made' GTAIII for me, and why it is still my favorite.

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Posted 27 August 2013 - 12:06 AM

GTA III has an addictive quality to it. It doesn't try too hard so it feels perfect. The radio stations are also perfect(yes ,perfect) it uses a lot of original music and it works.

It doesn't have features like VC and SA but it's fine. You could however keep it in the same vain as VC as the engines are similar and graphically they look the same. Memorable dialogue from peds in this one too. cool.gif

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