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[BETA|IV|EFLC] Graphical Bug Fixes

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Posted 4 weeks ago

I remember EFLC crashing with this mod during gameplay. Anyone else experience something similar?

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Posted 4 weeks ago

So, I'm get tired to wait for a reply and decided to test stuff by myself.

FXAA addon works good and looks like real FXAA, much less jaggies everywhere. But again - is it real FXAA or some sort of blur ?

stipple.wtd mod by DexX also works, trees and fences got rid of transparency, but trees looks somewhat cartoonish, just the result of bugged shadows on them I believe (don't want to use ENB for better shadows, too much non-vanilla stuff).

But in general I satisfied with those mods, just wondering - is there any known bugs with them ?

have a read here:



FXAA isn't best described as "just blurring things".

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