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GTA 5: The Social Experience

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Posted 27 July 2013 - 07:04 AM

Intro: Hello Everyone ,

As the much anticipated release of Grand Theft Auto 5 is approaching , I have decided to finally come out from under my rock. On GTAIV , I ran a a clan for about a year and a half , and then a newer version later on for another year. My groups focus was always to simulate real life on GTA. We created databases online that monitored member's finances , we created governments , created laws , and essentially created a virtual life. However , with the immaturity of most players and the limited possibilities in GTA4 , I decided to close down the group and haven't really played GTA Since.

With the new grand theft auto set to come out , I have decided I want to pursue organizing another clan/group and attempting something similar - but way better. I am looking to revolutionize the online experience and creating something that has a little something for everyone.
Most times these " Life Simulating " games tend to be more for the serious time players and leave no room for enjoyment for the "Rambo" style players. I am looking to find something that suits both those people , and every type of player: The racers , The Robbers , The Chatty ones , The Destructors etc..

I obviously cannot create this alone , considering I don't even know what it is yet , but can only hope it can turn into a great set-up. This post is just me passing along an invite to anyone out there , interested in putting some time in to this and creating something that doesn't need constant monitoring but can insure that every time we long on , we have something awesome to take part in.

I am looking for people interested in anyway whether your interested in being government/admins or just want to contribute a few ideas and then participate when the game launches in September.

On a side note ; I am also interested in Mergers & Acquisitions which which means i'm interested in merging with existing clans/groups in order to build a strong base. I do not want me to be one of many groups online , and I certainly don't want to be number 2 to any group. I want the largest base on GTA5 and equivalently the only. ( If you are a clan leader , include a description of number of members , structure etc. in the attached email you send me after reading the following steps to contact me)

If you are interested you should do the following Three things:

1- Reply to Post with any or no comments about this. (Used as a number count to see how many interested.)
2- Follow the twitter handle created for this game. (Has no tweets yet , just follow it.) @GTAVSocial
3- Email me at [email protected] with your GamerTag and the Subject of the email , and followed by how you'd like to take part in this experience. (Creator , Government , Lawmaker , Regular Member , etc..

Thanks for your time !

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