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drift mod that just uses the realistic too much

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Posted 26 July 2013 - 11:45 AM

Looking for a driving mod like above.
maybe with the same speeds as;

im looking for a drift mod that would only be working when you want to actually drift like a real car. so on low speeds high rpm with too much throttle with the e-brake made for a controller standpoint with axis value. or just tell me what to change into eventually finding it
actual speeds of the actual cars would be nice aswell

the problem with realistic driving mod [linked above] is that it has some sort or traction control like setting where it accelerates as fast as it can without wheelspeen. i want the wheelspin to happen as if there was no abs and no traction control. everyone should be using their xbox controllers for driving anyways with all the axis like in patch 1.0 of gta iv

1) no traction control - meaning wheelspin on too much throttle using a controller.
2) no ABS - meaning if i brake too hard it will stop the tires and not slowly decelerate the tires
3)wheelspin and turning as if it was acutally like a tuner perfrormance car
4)rpms for drifting
5) tuned sports cars with better speeds - realistic driving is fine as long as you get rid of the traction control
Ive been using this on the fortune
which is a 1,000 HP Modded R34 Skyline
1540 0.34 85 0.0 0.0 -0.3 0.4 5 0.40 5.0 260 0.6 0.55 0.6 35 1.5 1.2 14 0.18 0.48 3.0 1.5 1.5 0.1 -0.09 0.0 0.54 2.0 1.0 2.2 2.5 0.0 49655 440010 0 0
if any suggestions or questions please tell me because i will aswell be trying to make this work as actual drift settings set to realism dont work and im not gonna pay for rfactor

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Posted 09 August 2013 - 02:42 AM

with what i said im sure someone could make the best drifting pack since you can still speedup like a normal car you juszt need a controller

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