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Sqad Of Mods.

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Posted 23 July 2013 - 09:06 PM Edited by pederasto, 23 July 2013 - 09:08 PM.

Hey guys, I'm Tom, as it turns out I'm a big fan of the gta series, and a student future developer.
So here is my gift to you - Sqad Of Mods
Official Facebook Page

It is a compilation of the best and essential mods for the game (specifically EFLC) while respecting its atmosphere. And I need your help!
I am making an installer for this mod, easy to use, highly customizable. Where do I need you help? suggestions! state what mods would you like to see in the installer and why?
Also, I would like to work with existing modders to create custom scripts and so on. If you would like to team up, find me up on skype - swatsqad . (I need texture artists or just general photoshop users, scripters, modelers, web admins or just enthusiasts that would like to beta test the hell out of it! (harder than you think..).

here is a list of work to do*:
1 - Swap out the cars with realistic alternatives
Liberty city doesn't even need porsche's, lambos and ferarri's.
plain simple cherry picked every day cars with overhauled handling.
2 - Graphical mods
essentially ENB, I plan to use icenhancer with custom options in my installer,
but seeing as it causes a lot of problems and some glitches, I might not even add it in,
and just keep my own simple enb setting, with AA, minor reflection improvement and my own timecyc.
also, texture mods. lots of textures, might make a seperate resource file for the installer due to its projected size.
3 - Gameplay improvements
Script mods essentially. No game breakers though.
4 - Core system improvements
Custom loading screens, system file editing, performance optimization, intro's etc. etc.

*most of the modifications will be optional.

Thank you all for being here, I hope We can build something wonderful here.
so, What mods should I include, and why?

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