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Weaponinfo crash

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Posted 23 July 2013 - 01:23 PM Edited by Muhfuggaaa, 23 July 2013 - 01:55 PM.

I can't see what's wrong in my uzi mod, so I need someone who knows better than me. Every other weapon works fine, no crashes when I shoot people, no crashes when I aim, but my uzi for some reason crashes the game when I try to aim. I modded it to be an mp5. It worked fine until I decided to play today and when I aimed with it, the game instantly crashed. I can't remember what I changed, but it worked fine with enemies.
Here's the uzi part:
<weapon type="MICRO_UZI">
<data slot="SMG" firetype="INSTANT_HIT" damagetype="BULLET" group="SMG" targetrange="45.0" weaponrange="215.0" clipsize="30" ammomax="1200" timebetweenshots="50">
<damage base="25" networkplayermod="1.5" networkpedmod="1.0"/>
<physics force="38.0"/>
<reload time="2266" fasttime="1166" crouchtime="2000"/>

<aiming accuracy="3.0">
<offset x="0.16" y="1.0" z="0.55"/>
<crouchedoffset x="0.1" y="1.0" z="0.12"/>
<reticule standing="0.2" ducked="0.1" scale="0.3"/>

<pickup regentime="240000" ammoonstreet="60"/>

<rumble duration="100" intensity="0.02"/>


<assets model="w_uzi">
<anim group="[email protected]" meleegroup1="firearm_core"/>

<muzzle fx="muz_smg"/>
<shell fx="weap_ejected_smg"/>

Okay, so I played for a while without using the uzi, then tried it again. No crash.
What the f*ck was that?
Well, problem solved.

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