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Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by UshaB, 3 weeks ago.

Yeah GotG2 was amazing! And as Kirsty says





Anyways, great film. Probs my second fav mcu film after Winter Soldier. 



Edit: This is a spoiler for MCU in general.



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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by FriendlyFireOFF, 3 weeks ago.


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Posted 3 weeks ago

Watched GOGT2. It was amazing. Better than the first part. The great songs and jokes made it fun throughout. Wasn't able to recognize all the cameo actors though.

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Just got back. I liked it. Not as much as the first. The "twist" was too predictable for me.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Yeah, totally agreed. The villains need to come back when the hero least expects it. When Spider-Man gets its (inevitable) sequel, it'd be great for Keaton to reappear towards the end to back up whichever villain of the day Spidey is face punching at the time. Because that's how comics work!

Considering what I know of the character, it would be better I'd think for Vulture to show up in a (potential) Ironman 4. Red Skull is due a reappearance; maybe or hopefully we'll see him again once Thanos has been defeated. God only knows what's happened to Abomination, presumably locked away somewhere, though (I think) he's still alive somewhere? No doubt that entity (the name escapes me) from Doctor Strange will be heard from again too, though more on a galactic scale than specifically a villain for Stephen to deal with.

yeah dormammu isn't deat. dr strange made him promise to never attack the earth realm again. know dormammu he will eventually try to take over the earth again.

And as for Michael Keaton - finally, a villain with some menace. I'm expecting some serious scene stealing from him.

I'm hoping he isn't another throwaway...
Other than Loki, every other  villain within the MCU has been a throwaway villain, none redeemed (other than the Winter Soldier, though he wasn't a villain so much as brainwashed) but none have been redeemed, none have been imprisoned, none have ever been seen or heard from again. They're just killed off in some lame way. We could do with a couple of consistent villains within the MCU.

Zemo, Dormammu, most likely Mordo now, and Kaecillius (would you look at that, that's actually been the villains of phase 3 so far XD) haven't been killed off. Abomination and Red Skull too if you count them

Dormammu is the name I couldn't remember, but yeah, he'll be back around. Kaecillius though, I was under the impression he'd not be back, though you're right in that we didn't see him die; I guess he's another Red Skull. Forgot about Zemo too, but with him, he's just another person, doesn't have any powers or anything, not sure what sort of threat he could pose moving forward, especially as he's done what he intended to do; his portrayal in Civil War (which may be different from his comic book counterpart) doesn't seem to leave much left for him.​

don't forget klaw from avengers age of ultron. ultron chopped off his arm. he could possibly return in his true villain form. he is also one of black panthers main enemies.
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Posted A week ago

I was wondering, I know it might be a longshot, or at least a ways away, but if Marvel truly is serious about using all of the property they are able to, do you think they could do Young Avengers? Maybe in Phase 4 they can introduce them as a ragtag group of younger characters who want to keep the world safe. Especially since Fox is doing the New Mutants, their own younger take on the franchise. Joe Russo said he's open to the idea in a Q&A. The only thing is, they'd have to find a way to fit them into the MCU, which as a whole is very different than the comics.


The team could consist of:


- Patriot
- Kate Bishop

- Miss America

- Wiccan

- Hulkling

- Marvel Boy

- Speed

- Stature

- Vision (Jonas)


The story could be the Avengers disassemble following the war with Thanos, and are separated/retired. With a threat looming near, a younger generation of unlikely heroes band together to keep their planet safe from an otherworldly threat. They call themselves the Young Avengers, modeling themselves after their heroes. It could feature appearances from the main Avengers, perhaps helping them in the final battle.


Just something I've thought about.

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Posted 5 days ago

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Posted 5 days ago

I really dig the suit, I hope we'll see him use a spider-tracer as well.

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