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DC Cinematic Universe (Batman, Supes, Aquaman, and more)

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Posted A week ago

I absolutely loved it  and it gets 5 thumbs up from me.  :^:


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Posted A week ago

Disappointing. TBH I already knew I wasn't gonna like it when I seen the runtime. Smh clearly not enough time for a movie like this.

Way to go DCEU. Waste of time and characters.

Man... if Affleck really does leave his role as Batman, I'll be done with the DCEU. He's the only one keeping me interested. I like him as Batman and anybody else will completely ruin it for me, he's actually the first actor I like as Batman. I didn't like Bale, Clooney, or Kilmer, and Keaton was whatever. Adam West will always be a favorite, but Affleck is the one I want to see in future movies as Batman.

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Posted A week ago

I'll agree that Clooney, Kilmer and Keaton were pretty average as Wayne/Batman but Bale was quite convincing as a real-life Batman and Nolan's story-line meant that you didn't have to focus on Bale all the time. For Snyder's adaption, there are hardly any interesting characters accompanying Batman so you need a really strong character to play the role. Affleck is good, yes, but there may be someone better around the corner. Maybe a new Batman will breath some fresh air into the DCEU. Also, bring back some classic villains instead of giving us a Batman who's already fought and done with them.

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Posted A week ago



Apparently they're panicking and shaking things up yet again.  :/

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