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trophie hunting

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Posted 20 July 2013 - 09:30 AM

Hello guys, I am new around here, I would introduce myself but my username already does it for me. My psn profile is shadowking_tp000 and I am looking for guys who still need trophies or archievments on multiplayer, I only have ps3 but not sure if sbox and ps3 multiplayer act toghether. The trophies I am trying to do in this ghost town comunity are as follow:

Teamplayer: You killed 5 opposing team members
Guide: Set up a Team Deathmatch and make sure there are at least 5 opposing players. When the match gets underway, concentrate on killing each different player. You will NOT get this trophy for 5 kills on the same person, it HAS to be 5 different people. It may take you a few tries but you will get it with time. Try hosting a public Team Deatmatch and setting the timer for longer to increase your chances if you are struggling.

Fly The Co-op: You completed 'Deal Breaker', 'Hangman's NOOSE', and 'Bomb Da Base II' n time
Guide: Too long so dont posting it here.

This are the major problem cuz need co-op help, the rest can be done alone I think. I dont have any set of headphones but I am trophie hunting for a while and gta IV is a ghost town on multiplayer, is sad if I dont get platinum on this game sad.gif

I am here for looking guys who would like to help me or need aswell this trophies and to add me on psn with that intent.
Also replying here is acceptable, farming for the 10 star trophie is acceptable aswell.

PS: never tryed the fly the co-op so I have no knowledge on every of that missions

Hugz from shadowking000

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