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Northern Algonquin has long been plagued with poverty, drugs and crime. The ugly backside to the financial capital of the world, it's neighborhoods live in the shadow of the downtown skyscrapers, both literally and figuratively. Holland suffers from unemployment rates higher than the Liberty City average and foreclosures during the recent economic downturn hit the neighborhoods hard. The results have crippled the local economy. Street crime has increased, as has homelessness. Drug dealers are on every street corner and abandon buildings burn to the ground. Veteran police and fire officials are scattering to other departments. It has gotten to the point where it threatens everyone who calls the area home.

In 2012, residents of Holland demanded change. Local leaders lobbied the city council and helped push through an experiment plan to bolster Northern Algonquin's emergency services. The city has flooded the East Holland Police department and fire department with a crop of low-cost rookies. Dozens of new patrol officers, firefighters and paramedics, hoping the quantity of personnel will make up for lack of quality. A force that may turn the tide and fight back.
(As EMS personnel patrol, fight fires and help fallen citizens, the seedier elements continue their activities. Who will be victorious?)
The Department is a Roleplaying community based on the emergency services in Liberty City. Players will serve as police, fire and medical personnel, performing routine tasks in Northern Algonquin and throughout city to make lives safer for its citizens. But not every call is routine. The success and failure of The Department will depend on how players perform during a wide array of life-threatening scenarios.
Playable 24/7.Chat rooms will be set up.Will be played on TBOGT FM.
- No EMS personnel is allowed to break traffic laws unless responding to a call.
- When on a call, vehicular and property damage resulting directly from EMS actions must be reported and is subject to review.
- Any pedestrian or civilian injuries is must be reported and is subject to review.
- Any civilian casualties or gunshot injuries during an operation is subject to automatic review and possible demotion.
- If a gun is pulled on a criminal or EMS personnel, that person must respond reasonably in accordance with the scenario.
Police may carry either a pistol or standard shotgun.
Swat may carry pistols, M4, Sniper.
Fire and EMS cannot carry weapons. They can "pick up" a fallen police officer's pistol in dire situations.
Only swat members wear Bulletproof vests.
Criminals carry anything.
- If a player dies, the character dies. Characters only have one life, so players should value it as they would their own life. If die make a new character.
- If EMS can move, either a police officer or paramedic can drive to hospital. If critical, only a paramedic can drive.
- Avoid picking up health unless at a hospital.
- If your character dies during the roleplay session, you can return as a generic patrol cop, firefighter or paramedic rookie. You must create a new character for future roleplays.
Each RP session, key roles need to be filled to ensure a quality game and a proper chain of command.
Department Commander (000) - Highest ranking RPer. Commands all EMS personnel.
Patrol Captain – Highest ranking patrol officer. Works the streets and takes charge during low level criminal situations.
Patrol Officer – Patrols the streets, observing for criminal activity and responding to calls
Swat Commander (sss) - Only Police Chief can activate SWAT. Responds to high-risk criminal encounters. SWAT can also serve as an undercover strike unit.
Swat Member – Works as a team alongside the SWAT commander.
Paramedic (ppp) – responds to calls for medical attention.
Fire (fff) – responds to calls for fire and vehicular damage.
Air Support (hhh) – Serves as police patrol, SWAT, observation and medical evac. May also assist Criminal operations scenario setup.
Criminal operations – conducts minor or major criminal violations. They mayalso set up minor incidents as a civilian for EMS response.
Mafia Families
(Quick Call System)
The Department will use a text chat room to simulate dispatch. Typing in a quick call into the RP Chat will automatically call desired service to your location. Once called, you should stay in position so desired services can locate incident quickly. Follow with more detailed dispatch if possible.
-(911) Closest patrol officer not engaged should respond to basic call.
(999) Backup requested.
(000) Police Chief needed on scene.
(SSS) SWAT needed on scene.
(PPP) Paramedic needed on scene.
(FFF) Fire needed on scene.
(HHH) Air Support or EVAC needed on scene

Jobs/ Careers
Your character can choose any job/career that is on the list, however your character needs a high enough reputation to unlock more job opportunities (aka a career). More jobs/career paths can be added upon request.
Level 1 Reputation
Street Racer; Racing the streets is a good way to earn respect on the streets. Illiegal Racing can be dangerous, so choose your races wisely.
Police Officer; A patrolman who drives around in a police car. Police officers have the right to pursue traffic violations, street violations, or anything else they are dispatched for in their district. Police have the difficult decision to follow the law or bend it to their will, however whatever they choose will effect their carrer and possibly their life.
Doctor; A basic doctor that works in Schottler Hospital. Doctors have the responsibility to save the residence of the world. A doctor can have an interesting life and could even work for orginized crime, but the path they choose to take could cost them thier career, their life, or others lives.
Gangbange/Mobster/Biker; Gangbangers, Bikers and Mobsters are normally convicted felons that have served their dues. They do what ever they can to live, and can become as powerful as they aim to be. This can be a dangerous life, and is not a life for the normal person.
Bus/Taxi Driver; Drivers are an essential to public transportation within the city, and have some perks to their jobs. If you are looking to make connections this is a good way to start.
Politian; Some may consider this to not be a job considering you don't have to physically do anything, however you are trying to be the voice of the people. Who you voice for is up to you, but remember politics can become pretty dirty.
Worker; There is many places that are looking for people who can handle labor. Whether it is the Broker Docks, or the Acter Industrial Park, where you work and who you work for is up to you.
Garbage Man; Liberty Sanitary Department has the only job that could cause chaos if not done properly. There is always a demand for this job, and it could be beneficial if you are doing more then picking up garbage.
Restaurant/Shop Worker; The sales field is often considered a demanding and fast paced environment, unless you are working for Burger Shot. Just make sure you don't upset who you serve and sell to.
Drug Dealer; Not a glamorous job, but a need one. Drug dealing is often dangerous, but can have huge payoffs. Only the best dealers however are not in jail or dead, so keep that in the back of your mind while on the streets.
Firefighter; A heroic job for the fearless, and the selfless. Normally a dangerous job, but firefighters are as respected as doctors. Just remember to be safe when fighting fire.
Prostitute; A self explanatory position that has a huge demand. Prostitutes come in many forms, and have a wide variety of clients. It can be a dangerous job, depending on who you are meeting, but you can make a lot of money.
Level 2 Reputation
Detective; Ad Vice and Homicide Detectives are the most common detectives out there. Building evidence to solve cases and take down crime syndacates. Whether you are a clean or dirty detective is up to you.
Specialty Doctor; High payed, specially trained doctors who work at Schottler Hosipital or at a private plastic surgery company, or for a mob.
Gang/Mob/MC Member;Similar minded people who come together for the sake of profit, or fame, or other personal reasons. Though you are working with other people, danger is a common occurence.
Limo/Private Driver; Driving for a company or person is a great way to connect with high powered people, however you cannot kick them out of your vehicle if anything goes wrong. Depending on who you drive for, you could face danger.
City Council Member; City Council only has 5 spots open to people of the world. Those 5 members help the Mayor create and decide on laws for the world. Hopefully you don't let this go to your head or let someone buy you off.
Restaurant/Shop Owner; Nothing like owning your own business. Your own hours, your own company and your reputaion. Just watch out for extortions.
Drug Trafficer; Whats better then dealing? Being a dealers hook up. You control the flow of narcotics within your dealers. However police will be wanting your name, if any of your dealers go down.
Pimp; What is better then getting a hooker? Controlling a hooker and being paid by one. Pimps make money of prostitution and their clients. Pimps must protect their income which can be very dangerous.
Level 3 Reputaion
SWAT; Joined the highly trained SWAT, and become a part of the laws power force. It is a very dangerous, but respectable job, and SWAT members always work together.
Police Comissioner; Be the voice and the boss of the Police. Enjoy the reward of your men doing a good job, or the backlash for brutality. Just remember, you can be voted out, or worse by making enimies.
Mob Boss/Gang Leader/Biker Club President; Be the leader of a nitorious and feared crime family or syndacate, the world is your playground.
(Create A Charcter coming up)
Why I Should Be Staff (If I am Applying) (Leave blank if you do not wish to apply for Staff)
I, Username have read all the rules and regulations to the RP. I will comply to the rules while in game, and will obey staff member's decisions and/or instructions. I, Username wish to use the following character in this RP, and I have filled out all required information.
Character Name;
Character Age;
Character Race;
Character Sex;
Character Job/Career
Character Background;
Character List Of Achievements/Convictions (If Any);
(Make your own gang)
In-Game Gang Application
Post This In The O.O.C CHAT
Gang/MC/Mafia/Other Name;
Home Neighbourhood:
Industry In Black Market;
Members (This is updated whenever you add or lose members)

Only write in Dispatch Chat if in Emergency.
New Job-
Dispatcher-Recieve emergency calls then deliever them to active Emergency official.
When you talk to a Dispatch give Name,Age,Location,and type of emergency.
You may get houses.But someone can't live in someones house.
The Laws Of Liberty (As Decided By The People)
1.The Jingoism Act: Police have the right to detain suspect(s), property(s), and possession(s) without warrant for up to a maximum time 24 hours. Suspect(s) have limited rights while detained under the Jingoism Act, such as; rights to an attorney, a phonecall, reason for detainment, etc.
2.The Pack-It Act; Any fire arm that is not a pistol is deemed illegal to own or use in the State of Liberty.
3.The Anti-Gang Act; Police have a right to wirewap, monitor movings, search and siezure, or any other resource they need to take down crime syndication. However to ensure proper use of police resources, a warrant is required under this act.
4.The Speed Trap Act; Police have the right to impound any vehicle suspected of illegal street racing, or being won through the profits of illegal street racing. Police are allowed to monitor suspects of illegal street racing if a case is built against the suspect.
5.The Anti-Drug Act; Police are allowed to use the same force they would under the Anti-Gang Act.
6.Runner-If your running fast a cop has a right to stop you to interrogate.
If a Civilian wishes to create a law, they must petition it for City Council to view the law.
Wanted System
One star
Person with a gun
Person with a knife
Hit and run
Illegal parking
Drunk Driving
Threatening phone calls
Fist brawl
Two star
Stolen vehicle
Speeding or racing illegally
Three stars
Use of illegal weapons
Resisting arrest
Assault with deadly weapon towards police officer
Armed robbery
(Note that all crimes will be investigated,witnesses will be questioned,suspects will be interrogated.

(All officers must make a final report once a crime has been over looked)
If someone is not caught for a crime they are wanted.
A politician or judge may give out warrants and pardons.
Every cop will have a Badge Number,Rank,and Unit Number.
When pulling someone over,a car will not stop,or a car has parked in a no park zone,cops must give the color of car,try the name of car.During traffic stop officer must get drivers name,age,race.
You may have wife/gf,children,etc

Gangs and other jobs may make their own chat.But everybody must be in Public.
If you have a house,clubhouse,place of business stick to that place.
There will be police Stations

Police Uniforms
Hats None
(Next Detective)

Detective Uniform
Those who are not cops may not wear uniform.
Gangs,Bosses of workers may choose work uniform.
(Next-schedules and no work)

Bosses may make schedules for there employees.
When your work shift ends your free for your own time.Bosses have the ability to make rules for work,and they can fire a employee,but have to have a reasonable reason.

Police Branches
Uniformed-Respond to any crime
Auxiliary-They give permission to cops for weapons.
SWAT-Best cops,only SWAT can wear bulletproof vests.
Police Stations-Corner of Union Drive East and Albany(IN Lancaster,Algonquin),Port Tudor and Acter Industrial,Grand Boulevard(In North Gardens)
Hospital-Manzano RD(In Leftwood),Grand Boulevard(In North Gardens)
FD-Boylyen Street(In NorthWood)
When EMS are speeding with sirens pull over.
Only the Sheriff can drive the Police Buffalo
Detectives Drive the Admiral(Ford Lincoln) and Landstalker(Escalade)
Only the chief can drive the police stinger
Highway Patrol-Police Bike

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Posted 19 July 2013 - 03:58 AM Edited by themademan22, 19 July 2013 - 04:52 AM.

Central time
Why I should join staff(If I am implying) (Leave blank if you do not wish to apply for staff)
I,themademan22 have read all the rules and the regulations to the RP.I will comply to the rules while in game,and will obey staff member's decisions and/or instructions.I,themademan22 wish to use the following charcter in this RP,and I have filled out all required information.

Thomas "Tom" Jared Ranfied
Police Officer-Sheriff,Judge
Born in Los Santos to U.S Citizens.Moved to Liberty City at 23,and joined the LCPD.
Achievement-Saved 12 Hostages from Bank Robbery and apprehended all two suspects.
Address-The Majestic Hotel
Badge Number-229(Unit #-Unit 88)

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New Job-
Border Patrol-Person that makes sure no one passes through that has a warrant for arrest.If someone is wanted Cops will be at Borders to.

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Crimes and Consequences
One star
Person with a gun-3 ingame hours at jail
Person with a knife-3 ingame hours at jail
Hit and run-5 ingame hours in jail
Illegal parking-Fine of 100$
Drunk Driving-Fine of 100$ 3 ingame hours in jail
Threatening phone calls-Warning
Fist brawl-3 ingame hours in jail
Two star
Assault-5 ingame hours in jail
Stolen vehicle-5 ingame hours in jail
Speeding or racing illegally-speeding100$ fine/racing 5 ingame hours in jail
Homicide-1 ingame day in Prison
Kidnapping-8 in game hours in jail
Robbery-5 ingame hours in jail
Three stars
Use of illegal weapons-Felony,1 ingame day in Prison
Resisting arrest-5 ingame hours
Assault with deadly weapon towards police officer-1 ingame day in Prison
Armed robbery-1 ingame day 5 hours in Prison

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Last of all-Money
Money can be used to buy property,vehicles,and weapons.Everyday you get paid which is a work salary.A banker will tell you how much money you have.You can also sue people if any damages are made.
Saleries-Street Racer(200$),Cop(500$),Doctor(500$),Gangbanger/Mobster/Biker(300$),Bus/Taxi Driver(400$),Polictian(800$),Worker(50$),Garbage Man(50$),Resturant/Shop Worker(200$),Drug Dealer(500$),Firefighter(500$),Prostitute(300$),Detective(600$),Gang/Mob/MC Member(400$),Limo/Private Driver(400$),City Council member(100$),Resturant/Shop owner(800$),Drug Traffiker(600$),Pimp(780$),SWAT(800$),Police Commisoner(1,000$),Mob Boss/Gang/MC leader(1,000$),Home Realitor(1,000$),Border Patrol(200$),Lawyer(1,000$),Judge(900$),Car saleman/Weapon dealer(1,000$)
-You can have up to 3 jobs

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Username: ThaBoss18-Also just to be sure, this is for the Ballad of Gay Tony right?

PSN; SgtIGJoe2

Timezone: Central Time

Why I Should Be Staff (If I am Applying) (Leave blank if you do not wish to apply for Staff)

I, ThaBoss18 have read all the rules and regulations to the RP. I will comply to the rules while in game, and will obey staff member's decisions and/or instructions. I, ThaBoss18 wish to use the following character in this RP, and I have filled out all required information.

Character Name; Sante Lorenzo

Character Age; 33

Character Race; White

Character Sex; Male

Character Job/Career; Bus/Taxi Driver

Character Background; Sante is a man from Italy that got away from his family that had been in a bitter war with another family and came to Liberty City and got a job as a Taxi Driver

Character List Of Achievements/Convictions (If Any); Was arrested in Italy for Robbery and went to jail and was arrested for murder on another family's brother but was set up by the family

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 02:34 AM

You copied half your stuff off the other role playing one. How creative confused.gif

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 03:00 PM

QUOTE (MickTheMofo @ Sunday, Jul 21 2013, 02:34)
You copied half your stuff off the other role playing one. How creative confused.gif

and the point of you stating that in this thread is........

it is his RP. The other one was also his RP, imagine that....

how observant you are confused.gif

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XxBosna-MafiaxX, TBOGT.



Why I Should Be Staff (If I am Applying) (Leave blank if you do not wish to apply for Staff)
I, XxBosna-MafiaxX have read all the rules and regulations to the RP. I will comply to the rules while in game, and will obey staff member's decisions and/or instructions. I, XxBosna-MafiaxX wish to use the following character in this RP, and I have filled out all required information.

Character Name


Character Age


Character Race


Character Sex;


Character Job/Career;

Drug Dealer

Character Background;

This is my story..

Before the war in Bosnia broke out, I came into contact with drugs. When I was 17 I met a girl who brought me into contact with weed I bought every month a joint after I bought it more often. It was intense I smoked everyday and I became addicted.
The weed started working out it made me nothing I was looking for something stronger, I started sniffing cocaine it gave me a good feeling and I yearned for more and more.
In 1993 when I was 19, war broke out in Bosnia I had no other option than to flee to America.
I came in contact with local Yugoslav drugdealers who were established in LA, thats where I finally ended up. I came in touch and I buyed several times from them, after a while they phoned me up and they asked me if I wanted to join them but only if
I was clean and I could confirm it, so I did. I didn't used the sh*t for a while and then I joined them and here it al started...

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Username: jaajdbfd - TBoGT
PSN; ssffeeddrrww
Timezone: GMT

I, jaajdbfd have read all the rules and regulations to the RP. I will comply to the rules while in game, and will obey staff member's decisions and/or instructions. I, jaajdbfd wish to use the following character in this RP, and I have filled out all required information.

Character Name; Ronald McHaven
Character Age; 28
Character Race; White American
Character Sex; Male
Character Job/Career: Garbage man
Character Background; Ronald has no idea who his birth father was. however his mother, Trina McHaven tells him he was a lovely man. Ronalds step-dad Mike Fitzgerald was abusive to Ronald, but not his two daughters, Stephanie and Amber, who meant everything to him.

In school Ronald got along fine with everyone, however he failed each and every one of his exams. His mother lent him money until he was 27, when she came down with a serious illness, and died. Mike was left with all the money, and so, it all went to his daughters, now Ronald is trying to become the only thing he can, a garbage man.
Character List Of Achievements/Convictions (If Any); None.

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Posted 28 July 2013 - 12:51 PM

Timezone:London standard
I ethanboy2 have read all the rules and regulations to the RP I will comply to the rules in game,and will obey staff member's decisions and/or instructions. I ethanboy2 wish to use the following character in this RP, and I have filled out all required information.

Character Name:Ethan Sayers

Character age:21

Character race:white British

Character Sex:male

Character job/career: police officer

Character background: Ethan was born in London in the uk but moved to liberty city when he was 11. He always wanted to fight for justice as he loved batman and superman.

Character list of achievements/convictions (if any): none

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Posted 09 August 2013 - 08:11 AM

People actually do this? God damn I wish I had free time like that

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