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What GTA V online would be like

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  • WillemHoef

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Posted 17 July 2013 - 10:45 PM

I personally hope with all my heart that GTA Online would be that everyone will be able to purchase their own personal house, vehicle, and keep that throughout the online experience, even when you log out and log in a few days later. Just like singleplayer in a way.

I know that this is highly unlikely, however, it IS possible, let's say me and my crew (a couple of friends) buy houses in a server, because of that no one in that server could buy those houses right? I know what you're thinking: "there is only a limited amount of houses, dumbass" But what if every time you come online you're placed in a server in which there are no people who currently bought those houses?

There probably will be enough servers..

or in case there aren't, just let me be in a server with my crew which consists of about 5 people, alone, or with one other crew.
That way, everyone could OWN a property online and show off their cars online! Without starting all over every single time you'll play online.

I hope everyone understands what i'm trying to explain here, I'm Dutch and my english is above average in this country but it is far from perfect! blush.gif

This would be the perfect online experience for me and I want to hear your thoughts about it! Please, any other ideas? I'm curious! icon14.gif

  • podyx

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Posted 17 July 2013 - 10:56 PM

would be pretty awesome to buy houses online but dont see it happening (EDIT: maybe if the houses are REALLY hard to get or something and just a couple highrollers will own them hehe)

i heard something about a underground market a while ago btw, is that the online market? like u can buy and sell cars or whatever online?
any1 know?: P

  • 22ka


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Posted 18 July 2013 - 01:07 AM

I want it to be cross platform. I wana play with both my ps3 and xbox pals. I'm sure some companies have done this so I don't see why R* can't and this would definatly be revolutionary.

For the houses thing I think that R* could do it. They just have to add more interiors in some bulidings.
The way I see this working is that when you go online for the first time you will be given a 'niko' apartment. Later as you make more cash you can purchase better houses like the one we saw in the gample vid. Since crews are so important I'm guessing you could also buy gang hideouts. Now the way they could do all this is simply by coping the the cheap apartment rooms like they did in SA so they look the same then the more expensive ones look more uniuque and you can custermise them.

I'd say there are a minimum of 32 because the map is far too big for 16. And I know R* can rent a dedicated server and posible get even more.

PS: I don't think your hoe is shown on the map for the other players because it might be a minigame that allows you to rob them blind if you find their house. Just saying.

  • Iroquois

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Posted 18 July 2013 - 01:18 AM

I have been hoping of GTA V online of being exactly the way you (OP) describe it. But I always thought it would work something like this:

-You make a gang/crew or whatever you want to call it in-game and online with either friends or strangers
-Then you would be able to purchase a property as a "team" such as a hotel or casino which would act as a front

I dont know, something like that. Rockstar said, I think, that the online is going to be extremely unique this time.

I always wanted Single player/Story Mode elements in GTA MP.

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