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Should Paedophilia be Seriously Defended?

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Posted A week ago Edited by El_Diablo, A week ago.

the media absolutely affects this particular issue.


you can't exactly perform a "study" on this idea, but I'm personally convinced that the world today has more pedophiles in it than it would naturally thanks directly to the impact of our hypersexualized beauty and fashion industry. not porn, and not TV, and not movies, but the mainstream fashion and beauty industry (clothing, makeup, etc). they specifically go out of their way to focus on an unnatural and unhealthy image of what they think an attractive person is supposed to look like and it's sick.


since the turn of the last century, mainstream fashion and beauty around the world has been geared toward the skinniest possible models who are all thoroughly waxed from head to toe and clean shaven like prepubescent children. this is not natural and it's not healthy; it's not healthy physically for the models themselves and it's not healthy for society. our standards for what should and should not be a sexual object have become totally f*cked. the natural standard for beauty used to be maturity and fitness, not skin and bone. the most desirable women were those who were in shape, ate a healthy diet, had 'child bearing hips,'  etc etc. for hundreds of thousands of years this was the normal and natural way of attraction; just look at ALL of human art before the last 125 years. you don't see the kind of women we see in magazines today, you see women like this:


(contains some artistic nudity)



I submit that society knew exactly what normal beauty was supposed to look like until recently.

normal, healthy looking, adult women.


the kind of chemical imbalance that would otherwise cause someone to be born a pedophile is no longer the only factor in certain people become pedophiles.

this world we have constructed is breeding more sexual deviants where there wouldn't be.

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Posted 3 days ago

I seriously can't believe this thread.



I just hope I die before people start trying to justify bestiality.

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Posted 3 days ago

I seriously can't believe this thread.

If that's all you have to contribute to it it would be better you didn't bother at all. Check the D&D rules please.

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