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Far Cry 4

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Posted 09 November 2015 - 04:34 PM



Would anyone recommend this game for Xbox 360?

I don't know when I will get a ps4.
Was that you?

I'd recommend holsing off until you have a PS4 then buy the Complete Edition of Far Cry 4. Otherwise, if you're really that stoked, I recommend you go for it!


If you mean I'm the one that posted then no.


I think I will wait as you sugested since I have lots of games I have to complete.


Thanks for replying.

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Posted 09 November 2015 - 04:36 PM


Would anyone recommend this game for Xbox 360?

I don't know when I will get a ps4.


I have it for the 360, and apart from the obvious graphical upgrades on current-gen consoles, I'd still say it's an amazing game, and doesn't feel outdated or any less that then current gen versions at all. Can't comment on any MP aspects as not even touched that part of the game, but yeah, definitely worth it, especially as it can be picked up pretty cheap. Luckilly enough I grabbed it when it went up on sale not so many months back.

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Posted 28 March 2016 - 06:54 AM

Here's my review on Far Cry 4:

The gameplay was a lot better than Far Cry 3's. There were spoonfeeding mechanics here and there, but 85% of the mechanics was an improvement over Far Cry 3's frustrating gameplay. There were much more options to take over an outpost. Now, we could go "attack chopper" style with a grenade launcher or one-handed weapons while riding a buzzer, "organic battle tank" style with an elephant, "javelin style" from afar with the LK1810, in addition to the previous assault styles.

I love the grappling hook in take I can take shortcuts every now and then. Instead of going around a mountain to find a navigable land, I could narrow the search by looking for a grappling spot. The buzzer was an excelent ride for those times that I just want to finish stuff earlier. After all, Kyrat's heights call for such vehicles.

The auto drive was also great for those who want to chill while driving and for those who loves doing drive-bys. It's optional and it should not be that small of a deal.

What I did not like about the game (as well as Far Cry 3)was that several weapons were only unlockable 70% through the story. I would have loved to collect those weapons early in the story. They should have been unlockable through side missions and not by the story itself. There were a few weapons which were unlocked after third-to-the-last mission. On the bright side, I could use those weapons later when I've reset all the outposts to play with them all over again.

The story was great, but not as great as Far Cry 3's. I was spoiled on the stories of both games, but still, I think Far Cry 3's was significantly better. The story of the latter was as u predictable as the characters, unlike the former's predictable, "your usual cast of dictators and liberators". The characters in Far Cry 4 were all too usual. You have the allies who take advantage of your efforts and generosity, and antagonists who were typical of their kind. The only cool character for me was Pagan Min. His attitude towards Ajay was justified because of Pagan's love for Ishwari, thus he treated Ajay like his own after losing Lakshmana. He was also not the typical main antagonist in that he was not that much of a douche to the player unlike the antagonists in GTA V. His character was also well played and voiced by Troy Baker.

To sum up, Far Cry 4's gameplay was significantly better than Far Cry 3's. But its storyline was very predictable as much as the characters were.

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