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Far Cry 4

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I know it's been said before but I really can't stand that in-car radio. The music is ok but the voice over is mind numbing. The guy who voices Rabi Ray Rana must have spent all of ten minutes in the recording booth. They are especially annoying after completing the campaign missions because the updated announcements are mixed with the old 'I'm talking to you Pagan Min' announcements.


Also, at one point he talks about eating bacon and in another announcement he says all the people of Kyrat are vegetarian. Huh?


It's gotten to the stage where I drive everywhere by quad-bike or Buzzer if I can because I hate the radio so much...!


My biggest personal gripe with the DJ is his constant references to sh*tting and wiping your arse which he seems to think are comedy gold . He sounds like a 7 year laughing at the word poo. 


You can turn off the radio using the d-pad to save having to use buzzer or quad

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