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Grand Theft Apocalypse

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Welcome to my GTA 4 apocalyptic role play thread. If you're a serious role player than keep reading, if not than f*ck OFF!
The Story:

Its been 6 months since the beginning of the apocalypse. It wasn't zombies or a nuclear explosion. It was a plague. They called it the "White Plague" and it killed 97% of the worlds population. You're one of the last 3% remaining on Earth and you MUST and WILL do anything it takes to survive.

Starting Off: Everyone starts with a knife, walky talky and a medkit. THATS IT!

Surviving: During the day you will go out and scavenge, search and kill others for what you need.

Day: Between 6 AM and 10 PM you can go out and do what you want.

Night: Get to your shelter before nightfall. White Plague particles get highly active at night and cannot be stopped even by a top of the line gas mask. Red and white particles roam in the night infecting players. If infected you must find a WPA (Antidote) and inject yourself. If you can't find one in the next 24 hours you will die.
General Rules:

Death System - When you're killed it really matters on the reason. If you were killed by some guy just breaking rules and murdering people than you will continue but if you're killed in a reasonable way. You must leave the game, create a new looking character and restart as a new person. All of your ex-characters memories and friendships will be gone, any resources you had will be gone unless you are in a group, the resources will be returned to them.

Friendship System - Look, I know you're probably gonna have friends that will want to play this with you and that's perfectly fine but you're gonna need to follow the friendship system as everyone else does! When you start in Liberty City you don't know ANYBODY so you must make friends, you can't just talk to your buddy like you've known him for awhile, you must acquire a friendship as you would in this type of situation. This makes it much more in depth and could lead to many more possibilities.

Fear Factor - If someone pulls a weapon out on you, you aren't allowed to bring out a weapon of your own unless they say so. You must listen to their instructions. Example: John points a gun at you and tells you to give him your food. You must restrain from pulling out a gun and follow his instructions or you can attempt to resist but this will most likely end in death. Which will be considered a valid role play death.

Random Killing - You cannot just walk around killing other players with no purpose. NO KILLING unless you have a valid role play reason. People who are obviously doing this will be banned from the game and put on a blacklist so if they are to return at another play session they will be kicked.

Metagaming - Using Out Of Character knowledge to further your role play character's experience.

Asspulling - You cannot pull a two-handed weapon out of thin air. If you want to use an AK-47 in a firefight, you must exit a vehicle or retrieve it from a location and continue to hold it until you store it again. Two-handed guns may be stored in cars or houses if you wish to not hold it anymore. This doesn't apply to one handed weapons.

Item Use - Don't use what you don't have. You can't use a shotgun/vest/drug...etc if you don't actually own it.

Shootouts - If you attack another player for supplies and they resist this could start a shootout. Fear factor no longer applies once a player gets to cover. They can now pull out their weapon ( IF THEY HAVE ONE) and start firing at you. If you're killed in a shootout than its a valid RP reason.

NOTE:NO Terrorist tactics such as random grenade throws, spraying everywhere, running up point blank and shooting an enemy ect. NO ONE WOULD EVER REALLY DO THIS WHEN GETTING SHOT AT! WILL result in a BANN!
Factions & Groups

Starting A Faction: To start a faction you must have at least 3 people and a base of operations. You can hide out in a burgershot or even a bowling ally, the choice is up to you. When you start a faction your supplies become others supplies so instead of feeding just you, you need to feed your other members.

Walky Talky System: When in a group you can use the in game cell phone as a walky talky to communicate.

NOTE: You can ONLY communicate with people you've met and traded walky talky info with!

Raiders - If you would like to form a raider group than you may. Raiders are the ONLY group that can murder innocents and attack without reasoning. They are the players with the RED blips. The biggest disadvantage of a raider is that they can be attacked at ANY moment by ANYBODY.

Wars & Raids - If you would like to start a war with another faction than you must tell the lobby leader he will than inform the other faction and the war can start. Now Faction PvP is in action. You can attack anybody on the other faction or raid their base at any time. If you're a part of a faction in a war and you get killed by the other faction than thats a VALID RP death reason.

NOTE: Being killed by a raider or killed because you are a raider is a VALID RP death!
Roleplay Systems:

Eating: You will need to eat every 12 hours. This will use up 1 food ration. 1 food ration will automatically be deducted from your supply every 12 hours. If you miss a eating period than you will die.

Shelter: You must find a secure shelter. Anything from a garage to a rooftop. The particles are on ground level so anything above that is safe.

Gas: You must scavenge for gas to use cars and even than you can't use cars unless you have the "Hot Wiring" skill. 1 Gallon of gas lasts for 6 hours. If you're found using a car and you don't have the skill than you will be BANNED!

Scavenging: You can scavenge up to 5 buildings a day. NO MORE! When scavenging you must call the game leader with the in-game phone and inform him of what type of building you're in. He will add the items that would be in that building and run the generator: Example: You enter a gas station. The leader will add items such as ration,shotgun,gas, junk, shotgun shells to the list and than click generate. He will tell you the outcome and you can now use this item. If you scavenge ammo than pick up another type of that weapon off the street for ammo.

NOTE: NO Scavenging the same building more than once a day, you MUST wait 24 hours before you can scavenge that building again

Stealing: If you rob another player of their supplies than you must inform the lobby leader so he can remove supplies from theirs and add it to yours, any lies for supply advantages will be BANNED. Also no killing people for no reason for supplies. You must say something like "Give me all your food!" and if they try resisting than you can shoot, chase them, ect.

Trading: If you scavenge 2 shotguns and wanna give one to your buddy than inform the lobby leader so they can actually use the shotgun without being penalized.

Healing: If you have a med kit and you use it you must inform the lobby leader so he can remove it from your inventory, failure to do so will get you BANNED! To heal you will just pick up a med kit off the street and than the lobby leader will remove it from your inventory.

Reviving: ONLY people with the Med Training skill can revive people. You will be down for 30 seconds before you respawn. If a doctor can make it to you with in those 30 seconds than they can revive you BUT a revival takes 3 medkits! It can be that the doctor has 3 medkits or you have 2 and he has 1 so it makes 3. Your character will respawn and you can return to where you last were and continue.

Inventory System: You can hold up to 10 different type of items in your inventory. Items CAN stack up. Example: Tim has 11 medkits, 4 rations and 2 shot guns. Although this is 17 items this is allowed because it is only considered 3 different items.

Failure To Do These: If you cheat in anyway, than you will be BANNED! Also think of this, if you just cheat and don't really follow the systems you won't really be role playing. It takes the fun out of the game for you. You aren't only ruining everyone else experience but you're ruining your own. So follow the rules and have fun! But... Don't f*ck up or I'll BANN YOU! biggrin.gif
Skills & Professions:

Each person can choose a profession which will give them a set of skills to start with.

Here's a list of skills and their description

Pistol Proficiency - Pistols become available for use.

Shotgun Proficiency - Shotguns become available for use.

Assault Rifle Proficiency - Assault Rifles become available for use.

Sub-Machine Gun Proficiency - Sub-Machine Guns become available for use.

Sniper Proficiency - Snipers become available for use.

Hot Wiring - Grants the ability to use ground vehicles by hot wiring

Med Training - Can Revive players if a med kit is available. Very use full skill!

Boat Wiring - Grants the ability to use boats

Molotov Recipe - Grants the ability to use Molotov's

Grenade Proficiency - Grants the ability to use Grenades

Bartering - Grants the ability to open a shop or caravan


Cop - Shot Gun Proficiency, Pistol Proficiency

Doctor - Med Training

Hunter - Sniper Proficiency

Military - Assault Rifle Proficiency, Pistol Proficiency, Grenade Proficiency

Sailor - Boat Wiring

Mechanic - Hot Wiring

Trader - Bartering

Gangster - Sub-Machine Gun Proficiency, Molotov Recipe

Learning New Skills: You can learn ONLY 1 skill from each person! Example: You want to learn from a military class. You can only learn one skill from them. SO CHOOSE WISELY!


When you become infected by going out in the dark, you can infect other players just by being around them. The disease is spread through the air so watch out. You may be putting your friends in danger.
If you're infected and someone kills you for their own safety than this will be considered a valid RP reason and you will be dead.
Apply With A Reply:

Character Name:

Play Hours: We will most likely play on Sundays 1-4PM Eastern Time

P.S For best apocalyptic role play experience, I suggest you listen to the radio station JNR when you're in the car. Very Fallout-y music biggrin.gif
Accepted Players:

Gamertag: Hunter91398
Character Name: John Quincy
Class: Hunter

Gamertag: PB7THST
Character Name: Micheal Smith
Class: Doctor

Gamertag: xXeSNARFFXx
Character Name: Skippy Janson
Class: Mechanic

Gamertag: xXSullbagsOGXx
Character Name: Harry Sherman
Class: Military

Gamertag: Moonwalker9700
Character Name: Micheal Jackson
Class: Military

Gamertag: youngachiles
Character Name: Markus Griffin
Class: Mechanic

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Posted 28 July 2013 - 07:40 PM

Gamertag: Siciliano Don
Character Name: Andrew Callahan
Class: Cop

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Posted 28 July 2013 - 09:13 PM

sounds entertaining smile.gif

where are you?

what time zone you on?

if your in America im in England.......so joining up will be arkward

need to plan in advance for us to be online at the right time biggrin.gif

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Posted 31 July 2013 - 02:25 AM

Gamertag: v Legacy19 v
Character Name: Johnny Scaletto
Class: Gangster

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Posted 01 August 2013 - 06:20 PM

Gamertag:v IThomaas x
Character Name:Thomas Reed

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Posted 02 August 2013 - 06:04 AM

Gamertag:x75th W4RL0RD
Character Name:Stephen Cross (W4RL0RD) for short
Class:Military and Hunter or just Military

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Posted 06 August 2013 - 02:58 AM

Character Name: Warfare

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Posted 08 August 2013 - 05:19 PM

Gamertag: SketchyGnar
Character Name: Jason Castle
Class: military

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Posted 13 August 2013 - 06:25 PM

Gamer tag: o Mr Punchy o
Character Name: Punchy
Class: Military (assault rifle proficiency)

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Posted 13 August 2013 - 07:28 PM

Is this going to be played on Original or Ballad. I apoligize if this was stated above but honestly I'm too lazy to look.

Also I recommend you remove that big pic off your front page as its stretching the page badly.

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