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Posted 05 July 2013 - 11:09 PM Edited by Mokrie Dela, 06 July 2013 - 12:23 AM.


Look into the mirror,
And how it flips the world.
Distorted realms
And dimensions revealed.
Twisted and spun,
It's a reversed lie.
Where right is left,
And wrong is right.

Look into the mirror,
Look into your soul.
Look at all the lies
You've ever been told.
See the warped reflection
Of your entire life.
See the sunrise
In the middle of the night.

Ignorance is bliss.

And knowing is cruel.

There is nothing but this,

Just one golden rule.

Look at yourself
In ripples of the pond.
Where evil's self-help,
And being good is wrong.
See yourself
How others do.
Your ideals and values,
None of them ring true.

Look at yourself
On your skinless knees.
Kissing the feet of society,
You grovel and plead.
Acceptance and conformity,
It's the human dream.
But I've woken up,
In the midst of a scream.

Obedience is a crime.

Rebellion's a duty.

Don't toe the line,

Nonconformity is beauty


Stand up,
Stand tall,
Rise up,
Don't fall.
Be strong,
Be wrong,
When they come,
Be gone.

You show them
All your wrath.
Just follow
Your own path.
In their race,
Be fast,
Don't save face,
Don't be last.
The finish line,
In record time,
The print is fine,
Right here you sign,
Your career track,
From front to back,
The contract;
Don't sign that!

Your perceptions are wrong.

Your fantasy's right.

The road it is long,

And with no guiding lights.

Don't sign your
Life away.
With sunrise,
Comes your day.
Now's your time;
Time to shine.
Rise to fight,
And fight to rise.
Destroy their army,
One by one.
In your name they'll pray,
When you're done.

Forgiveness is a sin.

And compassion a curse.

The war is yours to win,

This is their last verse.

Turn it round.

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