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If LCS had Achievements

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Posted 02 July 2013 - 03:10 PM

So the title says all. I searched and didn't find anything other topic like this Here are some of mine:

Spoiler Warning!

Normal Achievements

Back on East Coast - Complete "Home Sweet Home" - 5G/Bronze Trophy
Change your underwear - Complete first Unique Stunt Jump - 5G/Bronze Trophy
Rollercoaster Ride - Complete "Rollercoaster Ride" - 5G/Bronze Trophy
Goodfella - Complete "Overdose of Trouble" - 5G/Bronze Trophy
Never walk alone - Complete "A Walk In The Park" - 20G/Silver Trophy
Antonio Cipriani - You're a made man now - 10G/Bronze Trophy
Dragon 69 - Complete "Crazy '69'" - 5G/Bronze Trophy
Loser on the Rocks - Complete "Love on the Rocks" - 20G/Silver Trophy
Viva Las Venturas Baby - Complete "Dead Reckoning" - 5G/Bronze Trophy
Forgive me father for I have sinned - Complete "Stop The Press" - 5G/Bronze Trophy
Ka-Boom - Complete "Bringing The House Down" - 25G/Silver Trophy
All Hail The King - Complete "The Sicilian Gambit" - 50G/Gold Trophy
Mafia Trashman - Complete all three Trash Dash side-missions - 10G/Bronze Trophy
TV Star - Complete "Slash TV" 2 times - 25G/Silver Trophy
The Made F1 Racer - Win ALL races - 30G/Silver Trophy
Sal Runs This City - Complete the game 100% - 100G/Gold Trophy

Secret Achievements
We've got a problem, dude - Start "No Money, Mo' Problems" without having $20,000 to pay for bombs - 5G/Bronze Trophy
Bomberman Toni - Complete ALL Missions and Odd-Jobs that involve blowing up something - 50G/Silver Trophy
Amphibious Tank - Instead of blowing up, ditch the tank in the river during "Shogun Showdown" - 5G/Bronze Trophy (Note: Doing this, will prevent player from getting "Bomberman Toni" because the tank didn't blow up)

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Posted 13 July 2013 - 11:20 AM

I'm not that good at these so I will slowly add to my list:

New Wardrobe - Get every outfit in the game (Bronze)
No Longer Hidden - Collect every Hidden Package in the game (Silver)
Goodbye JD - Complete 'The Made Man' (Bronze)

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