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The Ballad of Gay Tony vs The Lost and the Damned

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Posted 2 weeks ago

* Concept, Themes - TBoGT because I like the nightclub theme more, makes me feel good.
* Setting, Environments - Tie (they both fit their own setting areas).
* Pacing/Progression - TLaD
* Missions - TBoGT because the missions were crazy and it reminded me of GTA San Andreas. TLaD's missions were kind off boring, but the final one where you break INTO prison to kill the guy that betrayed his own bike gang was cool.
* Characters - Tie, the characters fit their environment, job, etc.
* Plot - TLaD, a bike club boss that betrays his own gang was pretty crazy.
* Innovation - Tie, they both had something new. TLaD had a biker theme, and TBoGT allowed you to be a nighclub guard, and some other stuff.
* Side Content - TBoGT because it had much much more content than TLaD. The weapons were awesome, I had so much fun with the explosive shotgun and the explosives. You also had a Buzzard helicopter, a golden Buzzard, etc.
I do love the sawn-off shotty in TLaD though.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

*Story and Protagonist: The Lost And Damned.


*Fun Things to do and missions: The Ballad Of Gay Tony.


 Overall: I love both in different ways :D

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