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Posted 2 weeks ago

Just FYI, the controller stick is still getting stuck during fade-ins.

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Posted A week ago

Download link broken?

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Posted A week ago Edited by Antiriad2097, A week ago.

I installed GTA 3 from Steam.


To use my 360 wired pad, I installed Ginput and the GTA IV control option.


Everything works great, except for the radio.


When I push the button to swap radio station, instead of changing channel it just reduces the volume of the current one and stays like that on the same channel. The only way I'm able to change a channel is by going into audio options every time I change car.


Note that it only drops the in game audio volume so its barely audible (but still loud enough the music I don't like annoys). The volume in game options remains the same, near the top.


The radio worked before I installed Ginput using the normal keys/buttons, but I couldn't map the pad properly since it didn't like the analogue sticks for looking around etc. Hence my need for Ginput.


I'm on Windows XP on an Acer 5920G (iirc) laptop, which has a Radeon HD3470 gfx chip. 4 Gb ram. Centrino CPU, forget the spec, plenty fast enough to run this smooth though, 2.4Ghz dual core I think.


Is the radio volume/no change thing a known issue? Is it because I'm using the GTA IV control setup?




Never mind, fixed it. I'd added the GTA IV mappings, but the ini file for Ginput still had control style 1 set. Changing the ini file to control style 5 fixed it, so I can now change radio channels and the volume stays up.

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