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What is decision maker all about?

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Posted 01 July 2013 - 05:41 AM Edited by tripqlanmodz, 01 July 2013 - 05:55 AM.

Hi, I downloaded a mod by Zazmahal, it's from the Biohazard Alert Cleo mod at GtaGarage.

My question is how can I make the peds that I shoot not be afraid? They will still go after me and kill me without fleeing?

The code says:

060B: set_actor 1@(17@,16i) decision_maker_to 32

What does 32 mean? I can't find a thread on any forum talking about what the number 32 does. I am thinking if maybe it is the 32 I must change to make the peds pursue me without fleeing?

Anyone has knowledge about this?

I will be really grateful for your help, because I want to create my own Zombie Game. Thanks.

Edit: Oh, sorry, I have fixed the problem about the fleeing, there already attacking constantly now. I think I just had a mistake. But I still want to know about the decision_maker? What does it do? Thanks a lot.

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Posted 01 July 2013 - 06:52 AM

Decision Makers

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Posted 01 July 2013 - 02:02 PM

Hello haven't been on here for a few years now. Too much work and college I suppose. tounge.gif

Unless the coding has changed a lot since I was around, proper use of this code would be;
060A: create_decision_maker_type 2 store_to 8@
060B: set_actor 16@ decision_maker_to 8@

To expand on this in more detail. You can also look into the file "Rockstar Games/GTA San Andreas/data/Decision/PedEvent.txt" as well it has an event and how the ped responds to that event such as being jacked, shots fired, etc..

Animation is also a key factor in getting the right feel. I don't care for the moronic AI that stands out in the open firing at me. In my Tenpenny mission "Hostel", I used some SWAT animations. (04ED: load_animation "SWAT")

You should learn about packs and how they work. Packs are a list of instructions to any actor or actors they are assigned. The actor follows the list and if you assign 0643 to loop they continue to repeat these actions. I have found the limit to actions is 8 can be assigned per pack, along with if then commands.

This is an example of my code but don't use my variables since this was part of a complete remake of the main.scm and not just a Cleo mod. Variable 75@ is too high for a standard Cleo mod.

//Shoot and duck behind wall attack Player
0615: define_AS_pack_begin 75@
0605: actor -1 perform_animation_sequence "SWT_WLLPK_R" IFP_file "SWAT" 8.0 loop 0 0 0 0 time -1 // versionA
0605: actor -1 perform_animation_sequence "SWT_WLLSHOOT_IN_R" IFP_file "SWAT" 8.0 loop 0 1 1 0 time -1 // versionA
0638: AS_actor -1 stay_put 1
//This line tells them to attack the player for 1.5 seconds
07A5: AS_actor -1 attack_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR 1500 ms
0638: AS_actor -1 stay_put 0
0605: actor -1 perform_animation_sequence "SWT_WLLSHOOT_OUT_R" IFP_file "SWAT" 8.0 loop 0 1 1 0 time -1 // versionA
0605: actor -1 perform_animation_sequence "SWT_WLLPK_R_BACK" IFP_file "SWAT" 8.0 loop 0 0 0 0 time -1 // versionA
0643: set_AS_pack 75@ loop 1
0616: define_AS_pack_end 75@
0618: assign_actor 15@ to_AS_pack 75@
061B: remove_references_to_AS_pack 75@

It is nice to see people still mod GTA SA. Have a better one!

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