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Some questions about music

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Posted 28 June 2013 - 08:13 PM

Ok, I don't think we heard much about music in terms of Hip Hop, I liked the songs that were in for the other genres a lot and I liked how Jay Rock's song (Franklin trailer) will be on but I also heard that trash Chief Keef was going to be on. For those of you who don't know, in america Hip Hop is polluted with trash trap music like chief keef, forcing people who want to listen to good music to go underground. Well Chief Keef isn't from california and doesn't make music about california and things like that. So here are my two points.

1. Gta have music that are based in the real equivalence of the fictional city it takes place in most of the time. So, if they can have Chief Keef then would it be possible to have New York rappers on the Los Santos rap stations? Like Joey Bada$$ or maybe J Cole. If not I hope we at least see some Hopsin, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul and ScHoolboy Q.

2. I know the makers of GTA love them some real music judging by there choice in the other genres but I don't really think they have a sense of knowledge in the Hip Hop scene (besides classic hip hop) judging by there choice in the songs in GTAIV. I really want to enjoy driving through GTAV with good music blasting and not the same 6 trash songs.

If I sound like I'm complaining about something I haven't researched or don't know about then go ahead and hate, but I really don't want to enjoy every genre of radios this time, the Hip Hop radio in GTAIV was so dead and in San Andreas it was good but that was because of the time period, in todays day you have to dig deep to find good music in the hip hop genre.


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