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Trevor tortures people

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Posted 28 June 2013 - 02:52 PM

QUOTE (GTA5_OVO @ Friday, Jun 28 2013, 01:17)
Why would you want to torture someone. That won't be in the game I can tell you that but your sick. People like you shouldn't play this game.

Hello, earth to retard. Why would you want to kill people and steal cars etc then....

It's a f*cking game and Torture should be in it. I quite like the idea myself. Gore too.

Doesn't make anyone a bad person or sick you f*cktard it's a game

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Posted 28 June 2013 - 03:01 PM

Considering you could shoot people in the legs in GTA IV and continue pushing them over as they tried to limp away, I think it's safe to say that torture is already in, just not in some 'official' capacity.

I think the idea would have entertainment value, just like placing hogtied victims to train tracks in Red Dead Redemption. It's something you'd do a few times for the hell of it, and after that you'd only ever do it when you're bored.

It fits Trevor's character from everything that's been shown. He was described as an embodiment of freedom and chaos. He's prone to spur of the moment decisions and doesn't think about the consequences, and is sadistic, so I think it'd break his character slightly to NOT have that option.

I think the scene from the trailer was from a mission/heist buildup, which makes me want to say something that digresses a little: I love the subtle dynamic of Michael and Trevor's relationship, where someone that lives a very 'ordered' life gives a chaotic person direction in how they get their jollies/upset the social order. It'd be interesting to see him get an idea in the middle of a heist that either benefits the group greatly or hurts it drastically.

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