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GTA IV Help on LAG/Stuttering

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Posted 25 June 2013 - 02:38 PM


*My RIG*
Laptop = YES

CPU = i5 2450M @ 2.5ghz up to 3.1ghz (2 core, 4 threads)
GPU = GT 540M with 2GB VRAM
RAM = 8GB Dual channel @ 1333mhz

*Game state*
GTA IV patched to

RES = 1366x768
All Texture = HIGH
Shadow = Low
Other = set to 1 (Drawdistance....etc)

I can run GTA IV on high settings with a playable 34~55FPS (55 fps only when inside a house) after a 5~10 sec of gameplay suddenly
FPS drops from 34 to 12 angry.gif , makes me mad and i don't know how to get rid of it.

*Solutions I TRY*
Changing settings = Nothing happens, Even on lowest setting possible.
Updating the game = Didn't help.
Using tweak mods = Nothing changed.

Yes i have an antivirus but even if i turn it off nothing happens.
Is my laptop OVERHEATING, well NO my laptop temp when playing gta 4 is 78 to 81C only, Not the burning point of 85 and above.

*Comparison to my OTHER GAMES*
Darksiders 2 = i can play this at 28 to 44 FPS (Settings change not available)
Skyrim V = High settings with 24 to 38 FPS
Resident evil 5 = High settings with 35 FPS
Deadspace 2 & 3 = Same Max settings but stuck with 30FPS stable.
Fallout New Vegas = High 28FPS, MED settings 41FPS
Garry's mod 11 = MAX Settings 50 to 60 FPS
C&C R3 Uprising = MED settings 30FPS Stable.
I can play all of this games with no LAG/STUTTERING.

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Posted 25 June 2013 - 06:52 PM

It may not help, but worth trying some commandlines, -reservedapp 0, which tells the game to use as much memory as it wants, if it doesn't know already, and -memrestrict, followed by a nine digit number as described here.

You could also try textures on medium, as they use cpu power as well as gpu. Turn off night shadows, but the gpu dependant settings should be ok on high.

It should run about 25-30fps with odd drops into the high teens, is my estimate.

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