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Custom Vice City Radio Stations

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Posted 16 June 2013 - 10:15 PM Edited by Ss4gogeta0, 17 June 2013 - 04:20 PM.

here I am posting up Radio names and etc for VC aswell as my last topic for LC...

Bailamos FM - Plays Carribian music with a latin twist and no radio host (which means I dont have to change my voice Woohoo). shouldnt be too hard to find such songs..

Red, Rock & Blues - Pretty much the Rednecks fave radio station, with a dash of blues and bluegrass...

Be-Tween FM - Referred to as the "Pop Fluff station for those in beTween" It plays pop hits for people of all ages...

Bass Drive FM - Drum & Bass at its finest wink.gif 3 songs are already listed and I am going to focus on this radio station before all the other VC ones...
  • My Mind is a Jungle - skk_flip
  • Looking Back =Excitement= - Arising Flame
  • Untitled (If I was Older Mix) - Nav
  • Electro - Vrnteam
  • Date a Live - LazyBucks
  • Lost in clear blue V.3 - XSakuX
  • RainState - Alloud
  • Have Another - OnlyBoots
  • Between Time & Space - Yumisekai
  • Into the Galaxy - Yumisekai
  • EverCloud - Alloud
  • Lost in Emotion - Ghost4Hire
  • Freestyler Amiga - Newrounds1
X-Treme Radio - Generic Rock Radio station... my bro luis might send me some of his bands stuff...

Radio Nova - Still in Planning...

Plant City Radio - The rap station for Vice City... Includes alot of gang influence..

86.4 Ink'd - Hardcore Rock, Bikers can be heard blasting this station loudly as they ride through the streets in their colors....

Casa Cubana FM - Cuban music... what more do you expect?

will be updataed lager

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