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Grand Theft Auto IV Chain Game

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Posted 15 June 2013 - 11:12 PM Edited by WildBrick142, 16 June 2013 - 12:43 AM.

Grand Theft Auto IV Chain Game Round 1


In this Round we're gonna play in a Normal save to ready up and update the new one for the next round!
That's all I gotta say, have fun!

The Chain Game is for anyone who wants to play along. It starts from the very beginning and right to 100%.

Please read the Rules & Guidelines before you start to play.
The Rules & Guidelines are here so that the game can progress and everyone can have an enjoyable experience and contributing into bringing the game towards 100%.

New players are always welcome to join the Chain Game. If you're new and want to join in, simply follow the Quick Start Guide for now and read the complete set of rules later. Eventually you'll have to... otherwise, you'll spoil all the fun, first of all, for yourself.



Quick Start Guide
Supplement To The Rules
Posting Format
Chain Game Personnel
100% checklist
Grand Theft Auto IV Chain Game Records Book
Unique Vehicle List
Starter Save Guide

Quick Start Guide

1. Call a turn by posting in this topic.
2. Download the last save.
3. Play one mission (if there is more than one available, choose the one you desire)
4. Upload your save on Samutz Save'N'Play
5. Post the link to your game back here within 3 hours. Edit your original posting to do this.

Here's a copy & paste template for the posting format you should use.



1. Do not use any kind of cheats, trainers, mods or scripts. They can seriously mess up things later in the game, so using them will not only spoil the fun for yourself, but also for the other players.
2. Call a turn by posting in the topic.
3. Download the previously posted save file. We want to use the same save file throughout the game and take it to 100%. After 100%, we can see who has the fastest racing and challenge times.
4. Complete ONE Named Mission only, save your game, upload your save file (see below) and post a link back in the topic (use the Edit button).
5. The definition of a "Named Mission" is "any mission that changes the save file name". Examples are "Easy Fare", "Ivan The Not So Terrible" and "Undertaker".
6. Several named missions are exempt from the 'one named mission rule', for various reasons. Find all details on these in the Supplement To The Rules.
7. Use Samutz's uploader to upload your save file (recommended uploader). If it is down you can use Rapidshare, FileFront or YouSendit.
8. Use the preferred posting format (see below).
9. Wait until 3 other turns have been completed before calling another mission.
10. If 6 hours pass without another gamer completing a turn, then the '3 mission rule' is reset & anyone may call a turn. This does NOT mean to wait 6 hours between personal turn calls.
11. The time limit to complete your turn is 3 hours. The post time in the topic will be used. The timer starts when a mission is called but for the timer to start counting down, the caller must give a strong indication that he is taking the turn. After 3 hours have passed and the caller has not posted back, it's a forfeit and anyone else may call a turn.
12. The caller may call a forfeit. The forfeiter should wait at least one turn before calling another mission/turn. The forfeited turn will not count towards the '3 mission rule' and will not reset the 6 hour timer.
13. In the event of two gamers calling a mission, the first one does the called mission.
14. Mission strategy is up to the caller - just don't use cheats, trainers, mods or cleo scripts.
15. Do not save after getting busted or wasted unless you have done much progress (ie. shoot 200 Flying rats or get all friends' like to 100%).
16. The caller may purchase weapons, clothes, food, respray the vehicles, set up the bombs, have relations with prostitutes and give money to hobos. Please let us know about any of this stuff in the Notes section of your post.
17. The caller may do any collections/deliveries in the 3 hours. Please report any extra stuff in the Notes section.
18. Nobody is forbidden to get to Algonquin and Alderney to do something there by using any techniques possible to access these islands before they are open.
19. Choices doesn't matter. If it's someone's turn, and the caller has the choice to kill or spare the character, the caller is free to pick whatever choice you like.

A request to all players

Please try to post the completion percentage from the stats after you have completed your turn. This will help in putting together the stats at the end of the round. The completion % can be found in the fisrt line of STATS.


1. Try to keep the mission failures to minimum unless it's to collect a special vehicle (BP/DP/EP/FP/unique color/extremely rare). If a special vehicle has been collected, let us know in the Notes section.
2. Try to keep the safe house saves minimal. If you have a game crash problem on your system multiple saves are alright - save when you don't want to lose some progress.
3. Try to save with full armor.
4. Save close to available missions when possible.
5. Letís try to have the last save for 100% be "A Revenger's Tragedy" or "Out Of Commision", so try to get everything else done before that.
6. Try to keep the ammo count below 10000. When exceeded, the ammo count will disappear. And this sometimes can be lethal during missions where you engage in a heated fight with only 5 or 6 bullets left in your clip which you can't see and reloading can cut down your health or armor. The exceptions are one-bullet-clipped weapons: Molotovs, Grenades, Remote Grenades, Shotgun, Stubby Shotgun, Rocket Launcher & Sniper Rifle. Also, as soon as the 'fast reload' ability will have been unlocked, these regulations will become obsolete.

Supplement To The Rules

This supplement is designed to discuss some of the technicalities of the Chain Game's rules, and it was thought best to provide these in the original post.

(1) Abuse of the '3 Mission Rule':

Callers are encouraged to understand the basic ethos of the Chain Game. One should only call a mission, once the previous caller has completed his/her called mission and posted the new save. That's the basic idea of the chain: a new link can only be attached as long as the previous one is bound. Hence, to call a mission while a previous one is being completed, defeats the entire logic of the chain. Let's also consider the fact that when a mission/turn is called that the 3 hour timer has started.

(2) Exceptions to the 'One Named Mission Rule':

1. 'Lame Missions':
- "Mr. & Mrs. Bellic"
- Both "Out Of The Closet" missions
- Both "Final Interview" missions
- Both "The Holland Play" missions
- "Ransom"

Although these are named missions, there isn't any action going on and they can be accepted in sequence with anything else.

2. Brucie's Races (Sunshine Autos):

If player is playing a named mission, he can complete ONLY ONE RACE. If he is not playing a named mission, he can complete NO MORE THAN 3 RACES per turn. Also, these races can be reaccepted by other callers to improve record times.

(3) Other things to keep in mind:

1. Flying Rats/Unique Stunt Jumps/Exotic Exports/Drug Delivery/Taxi Driver/Most Wanted
Feel free to get/do any of these but remeber: the 3-hour rule remains the same. Also, put any FR/USJ/EE/DD/TD/MW/ and rewards received for them into the 'Notes' section.

2. Stevie's Car Thefts
All callers are allowed to participate in delivering cars, and this does not have to be completed separately. Callers can help by storing cars on the lists beforehand as and when they come across these.[/SIZE][/font]

Posting Format

Mission: Use the mission name as it appears on the screen. Don't use mission descriptions like 'that mission where you kill Vlad'.
Player: Use your GTAForums account name.
Link: The link to your uploaded save file, after you've completed your turn.
Completion: Completion percentage from stats section.
Notes: Anything pertinent to the mission/strategy or extra stuff done.

A simple "I'll take/call a turn" is enough to call a turn (most players do it this way), but please use this posting format for your completed turns. Below you'll find a template you can copy and paste, it'll look just like the example above. Feel free to change the colors to your liking.

[color=green][b]Called by:[/b][/color]
[color=green][b]Notes [/b][/color]

Chain Game Personnel
  • WildBrick142 - GTA IV Chain Game Chief (Active)
  • It can be you - GTA IV Chain Game Starter Save Master
  • It can be you - GTA IV Chain Game Skilled Player
  • It can be you - GTA IV Chain Game Skilled Player
  • It can be you - GTA IV Chain Game Player
  • It can be you - GTA IV Chain Game Skilled Player
  • It can be you - GTA IV Chain Game Skilled Player
  • It can be you - GTA IV Chain Game Player
  • It can be you - GTA IV Chain Game Player
  • It can be you - GTA IV Chain Game Player
  • It can be you - GTA IV Chain Game Player
  • It can be you - GTA IV Chain Game Newbie Player
  • It can be you - GTA IV Chain Game Newbie Player
  • It can be you - GTA IV Chain Game Newbie Player
  • It can be you - GTA IV Chain Game Newbie Player
  • It can be you - GTA IV Chain Game Newbie Player
  • It can be you - GTA IV Chain Game Newbie Player

100% Checklist
Percentage complete: 0.70%

Accomplished missions
Available missions
Unavailable missions
Player who did the missions


Niko Bellic
The Cousins Bellic

Roman Bellic
It's Your Call
Three's a Crowd
Bleed Out
Easy Fare
Jamaican Heat
Uncle Vlad
Crime & Punishment
Logging On
Roman's Sorrow

First Date

Vladimir Glebov
Bull In a China Shop
Hung Out To Dry
Clean Getaway
Ivan the Not So Terrible

Little Jacob
Concrete Jungle

Mikhail Faustin
Do You Have Protection?
Final Destination
No Love Lost
Rigged To Blow

Brucie Kibbutz
Search And Delete
Easy As Can Be

Dimitri Rascalov
The Master and The Molotov
Russian Revolution


Manny Escuela
Escuela Of The Street
Street Sweeper
The Puerto Rican Connection

Brucie Kibbutz
Out of The Closet...
...Out Of The Closet

Elizabeta Torres
Luck Of The Irish
Blow Your Cover
The Snow Storm
Have A Heart


Playboy X
Deconstruction for Beginners
Photo Shoot
The Holland Play

Dwayne Forge
Ruff Rider
Undress To Kill

U.L. Paper
Wrong is Right
Portrait of A Killer
Dust Off
Paper Trail
That Special Someone

Mallorie Bardas
Hostile Negotiation

Packie McReary
Harbouring A Grudge
Waste Not Want Knots
Three Leaf Clover

Ray Boccino
A Long Way To Fall
Taking In The Trash
Museum Piece
No Way On The Subway
Late Checkout
Weekend At Florians

Derrick McReary
Tunnel Of Death

Gerry McReary
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots and Your Motorcycle
Tunnel Of Death
I'll Take Her
She's A Keeper
Diamond's Are A Girl's Best Friend

Jon Gravelli
Dining Out
Liquidize The Assets

Phil Bell
Truck Hustle
Catch The Wave
To Live and Die in Alderney

Jimmy Pegorino
Pegorino's Pride
Pest Control
One Last Thing

End Game
If The Price Is Right
Mr. & Mrs Bellic
A Revenger's Tragedy

A Dish Served Cold
Mr. & Mrs Bellic
Out Of Commision

Other Stuff
Huntley Sport
PMP 600
Sabre GT

Flying Rats: 0/200
Unique Jumps: 0/50

<!--SF--><!--SF--><!--SF-->Grand Theft Auto IV Chain Game Records Book

Under Construction

Unique Vehicle List

The following vehicles are unique and therefore can be acquired only once in game. I would like the GTA IV Chain Game players to add some of these vehicles to the garages because some of them have unique properties that may be very helpful further in game.

Under Construction

BP - bulletproof;
DP - damageproof;
EP - explosionproof;
FP - fireproof;
TP - Tip proof;
UC - unique colour;
UC2 - unique colour 2;
UV - unique vehicle;
in green - acquired vehicles
in yellow - acquirable vehicles
in red - unacquirable vehicles
underlined - can be acquired more than once
bold - Can be acquired by glitching
[Br_] - in Broker
[Bh] - in Bohan
[MPE] - in Middle Park East
[PXA] - in Playboy X's Apartament
[Ad] - in Alderney Safehouse

  • JAJ - The Creator of The Chain Game, most of the ideas belong to him
  • lol232 - The Creator of GTA Vice City Chain game, I borrowed his template because it was nice looking.

  • WildBrick142

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Posted 15 June 2013 - 11:15 PM Edited by WildBrick142, 16 June 2013 - 09:22 PM.

I am bad at GTAF coding so there might be errors. Also, when typing Story missions, my mind got comletely lost and if there are any missions missing then PM me (ONLY STORY MISSIONS!!!). PM me if there are also errors like font not displaying or coding messed up. Also, if someone can provide a nice picture for the topic will be listed in the credits.

Mission: The Cousins Bellic
Called by: WildBrick142
Link: http://gtasnp.com/37605
Status: Completed
Completion: 0.70%
Notes: None

Note: There is a Chain Game going on already. (Stupid search tool didnt show that) Do not post here until it's finished.

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