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Xbox One Real Information

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Posted 15 June 2013 - 05:22 AM

So before this gets deleted , I want to tell the mods that this article will be used just for facts and no need for any fake information or fanboy Wars like the other Xbox One article , this article will not contain comparison between the Xbox One and the PS4 and even posts shouldn't be comparing them

Xbox One is the successor of the Xbox 360 , the Xbox One will use 8 GB of RAM DDR3 , 5 for gaming and 3 for OS .

Ok let's start with people complaining about the Xbox One having a 24 hours check-up and Always Online connection, yet not a lot of people know that with the Xbox One developers can develop there games with a Cloud Computing Power meaning that Developers now can take the Cloud service as a development Kit so developers who develop for the Xbox One can now depend on the Cloud more than Hardware and have great performance with the game getting great graphics and great AI , now if Microsoft didn't input the Always Online feature it would be impossible to create what Xbox One can create with the cloud service

Now a lot of people asked why did Microsoft choose to not support Indie Developers' self publishing , The reason is it would be an Apple Store in fact it could get worse cause you'll try to find a good game but you will not find what you need cause all bad games is on the front page , but Microsoft yet support Indie Developers so they yet can go to a publisher to see if there game is qualified or not so to give the gamer a easy search and not just that but better experience

Last Complaint is a big one, Microsoft didn't support used games but to tell the truth , it's a great idea , why ? cause now developers get there full money so there will no be Micro-transactions or DLC and that makes a better gaming experience

These are the games that are coming exclusively for the Xbox One :

* Below
* Crimson Dragon
* Dead Rising 3(Launch Title)
* D4
* Forza Motorsport 5(Launch Title)
* Halo
* Killer Instinct(Launch Title)
* Kinect Sports Rival
* Powerstar Golf
* Quantum Break
* Ryse : Son of Rome(Launch Title)
* Sunset Overdrive

Warning : Any Fanboyisim in this article will let me report you to the mods

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Posted 15 June 2013 - 05:27 AM

A nice and thorough breakdown my friend but please move this post to the main topic discussing this console.

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