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GTA 3 Limit Adjuster

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Posted 13 June 2013 - 03:12 AM Edited by Xegethra, 16 June 2013 - 11:30 PM.


I made a topic in the map section about how my map keeps crashing the game.

I today decided to re install my Vice City and the map mod I made for it and it kept crashing also....I later realised and remembered that the game crashes because of the objects limit has been reached. So I get Stevie's Limit Adjuster and now everything is fine, my mod will load perfectly!!

I'm thinking that because my GTA 3 crashes in the EXACT same way as Vice did before increasing it's limits, is there such a program for GTA 3? I'm hoping that I have reached the limits is the problem.

I have looked around for something like Stevie's program but I can't seem to find one except a Russian one that doesn't want to work.

If anybody out there knows of such a program then please let me know what it is, I really want to test my map mod out and run around in it to see what it looks like in street view.

Thanks if anyone can help!!

If it matters at all, this is what I did find, it's Russian but I gave it a go anyway. It doesn't seem to even try to detect my GTA 3 install, Steam or Retail

Oh, they seemed to take the link away....it was just called LCLimitAjuster. Seems to be the only one about

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