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Tom Clancy's The Division

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Posted 5 days ago Edited by poland stronk, 5 days ago.

I am sceptical for end-game content as well as activities in PvM zones. In Beta there were only 2 fast travel points and generally the area around them was empty. I hope this game will have some sorts of random encounters and more zones with fast travel point, mini-games, vendors and what-not because right now, the only thing really enjoyable is Dark Zone.


Also what is really annoying is that you can't fast travel into and out from DZ checkpoints. You have to run like idiot for few kilometers if you want to check your stash or team up with other people for PvP.


I am curious what Ubisoft has locked out from Beta because if the full release is going to have only more of the things I already saw then this game won't be very succesful like GTA Online. It needs more randomized events for PvM and DZ PvP areas. Also what is strange is that I barely met people outside Dark Zone, mainly in harbour Base Hub and in Main Base.


My experience with DZ is mixed. I met a lot of freaks and douches that were ganging up on me, saying sh*t or camping in small patch of area that was sealed off by "out of beta" grid. I had no fun encounters, just regular solo-ers trying to extract items and running away after business was concluded. The only time I had fun was when I teamed up with some American guys that knew how to play in DZ and already developed tactics for certain situations.


Also the game doesn't explain how to use different chat rooms. I had to ask how to use group chat and then I was locked away from social zone chat. That's why there is almost no interaction between the groups if no one is using their microphone.


But the game is very stable. There is no lag visible and built-in chat is great. You will hear your teammates across the map but if you aproach a stranger then you will be able to hear him speaking in few meters. Shame there is no further interaction like ability to surrender and drop items or trading. Graphically it is gorgous; best looking game so far and runs like charm.


I guess I will wait on how this game develops. Don't want to buy Destiny Clone riddled with Ubisoft crap DLCs. There is already Vendor with redeemable items from pre-orders. Their Assassin's Creed, Far Cry and other games with towers and outposts simulators made me cautious. They acted like dicks in the past so if they want my money for this game then they will have to try hard like Rockstar did with GTA V.

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Posted 4 days ago

There was actually another interior that we couldn't get into in the safe zone since the red barrier was there (I could walk inside it to further explore it but couldn't see anything and the timer. It was that big theatre entrance located around the dz entrance iirc.

Judging by the map, I'm assuming that the other half of the dark zone would end right before rockfeller center. I can't imagine how long that would take lol. Looting the dz was a mix of excitement and a "piss off" experience. Lone wolfing will get you nowhere if you plan to grind dz credits. I had at least 1700 dz credits until some ***hole decides to kill you near the safe room. Joining a group of ppl is the only best option if you wanna grab loot/dz credits. I managed to get a nice ACR from it too :)

The idea of the dark zone feels rewarding when you exit through that dz door because you realized that either you or your group went through hell to get the loot and the fact that you will have at least something to sell/mod from the dz.

Some gripes that I have for the situational missions was the variety of how to handle it, particularly the hostage situation. After playing it the first time, I was hoping that the next hostage situation would be more different scenario such as being held at gunpoint, forcing players to devise a strategy to prevent the hostage from being killed. Sadly, it was pretty much the same situation. They could probably add more variety when it comes to those types of events.

I really hope that the story has a good narrative. So far, I like how we were able to investigate via side missions and learn to understand the purpose of JTF. If they leave us hanging with half assed bs for the full release then I'm gonna be disappointed.

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Posted 4 days ago

I understood that you lose all your DZ credits if you go rogue and get killed, while you only lose a few if you get shot by a rogue.

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Posted 4 days ago Edited by TheEroticCherry, 4 days ago.



Also, as a console gamer, we've not really ever got a game like this. With survival aspects.




This game has ZERO survival aspects, except trying to not die from being shot at. You don't have to gather food or water, you don't have scavenge for weapons since you can just buy them in the very convenient weapon and supply shop, there are also little boxes in your base that refill your ammo and first aid kits. Minecraft, hell even Terria has more survival aspects than this game. It's little more than Destiny in 3rd person that takes place in NYC (how orginal)


What a huge let down. I'm going to call Microsoft and see if I can a get a refund since I preordered it digitally

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Posted 4 days ago

....but, it does. That is a survival aspect. It has elements of Survival to it. I'm not saying it's Hardcore survival, and I never expected it to be like that, even from when it was announced at E3. 


What were you expecting? It was never announced to have a food/water system or anything like that.

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Posted 4 days ago Edited by ARC8_1982, 4 days ago.

Another passable title from them, oh what a surprise :( TCTD is crap, Not all is bad though, atleast Homefront: The Revolution is coming soon.

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Posted 4 days ago Edited by TheEroticCherry, 4 days ago.

....but, it does. That is a survival aspect. It has elements of Survival to it. I'm not saying it's Hardcore survival, and I never expected it to be like that, even from when it was announced at E3. 


What were you expecting? It was never announced to have a food/water system or anything like that.


By that defination every game but sports has a survival aspect. The way they portrayed it was to be expected. I mean seriously. The whole city has shut down how are you going to get water? It's going to take more than a day to get that up and running again, your character couldn't have brought more than a weeks worth of food where is the rest coming from? Taking loot from dead npcs isn't really scavenging

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Posted 4 days ago

I don't understand people/gamers.

Certain game advertises being basic/simple approach and it works well as advertised/is alot of fun... > people bitch and moan of game not being what they ''thought/hoped/wanted" it to be.

Certain game advertises as being the newest most next gen thing, E3 2 years with gameplay footage showing off the game briliance/how next gen it is and advertise it as superb and whatnot creating a huge hype... > game is decent, nothing major. 

Yes, first one is Battlefront and the second is The Division.

Don't get me wrong, my experience from the beta ain't bad. Was planning to get it on PS4 (will get it still) but this game so far is NOT worth the hype. Yes, looks good (eventhough pop ins and other graphical glitches on consoles are quite terrible) but not as spectacular as advertised at first.

No interaction with civilian NPC's, other NPC's is purely shoot them/kill them. Story seems rather typical Ubi (nothing that exciting to lose your mind over.... because it's fairly straightforward/basic).

And apart from that: the gameplay is a basic cover based third person shooter with mediocre feeling weapons. Maybe I'm just a bit too much of a fan of Max Payne. Especially the weapon handling/animations of Max Payne 3, my god no game can f*cking improve upon that.

And for the rest; it's grind, loot, grind and loot.

I can't see how people are losing their minds over this. This is a mediocre game (haven't played it co op with friends yet, which I can believe is pretty damn fun). But nothing major.

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Posted 4 days ago Edited by Fireman, 3 days ago.



Couldn't agree more.


It's a great time-sink, which seems to be the main focus of the game, I don't like Borderlands style and this is exactly Borderlands with some unwanted PvP sometimes and what seems to be a very tiny map with DLC that probably doubles it but that you have to pay for, three times.


Just another generic third-person shooter, but it looks good, so that's a plus and so far I like the environments, though everything seems on a very small scale.


I'll probably get the hours out of it in terms of money spent on it. I don't have many instant action games, so this is an okay addition.

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Posted 4 days ago Edited by RussianCommie, 4 days ago.

Source: http://www.se7ensins...open-beta.3726/


I was looking through on Se7enSins about articles that they post daily about a variety of gaming news and came upon this picture:




According to the author of the article, Crooks, this picture was found on the Xbox Italy Facebook page and is about an OPEN Beta for The Division. He notes that nothing has been confirmed, but going by the picture, It seems that this is something already planned to happen regardless. He also states that the image claims that XB1 users would again gain access to the Open beta one day before PS4/PC users, as was the case with the closed Beta. So, If everything checks out, the Open Beta for XB1 would begin February 16th to the 21st, Tuesday to Sunday, and the Open Beta for PS4/PC would begin on February 17th to the 21st, Wednesday to Sunday.

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Posted 3 days ago Edited by Daz, 3 days ago.

The biggest flaw with this game is the damage scale.


I get that it is an MMO with RPG style elements and the usual borderlands/destiny style of gaining incremental upgrades with gear. But having that attached to damage is pretty bullsh*t. For a realistic almost simulation like setting it makes completely f*ck all sense for looters in hoodies to be soaking up so much damage. It just breaks all immersion in a setting like this, you can suspend your disbelief in a future setting like Destiny as it is all made up. But you KNOW a bullet to someones head should kill them but it doesn't. It would be like if you got in a ferrari in a racing game but it's max speed is 30mph when you know it isn't. It ends up feeling like you are playing a turn based combat game like XCOM only you have broken out of the turn.


Everything else is great. There are a lot of features I love, such as the 2 primary weapons (that can go in either slot) and a pistol with inifinite ammo, which is f*cking awesome. It keeps you in the fight. Like with R6 Vegas. I love the clothing items you can find as I love customizing cosmetic items on my character. I love that you can add and remove attachments to your gun on the fly. The game even looks pretty decent considering how Watch Dogs ended up like, I expected a lot less.


I just can't see there being much replay value here. Aside from running through hard missions with friends I really just don't enjoy the shooting mechanics. All the shooting and reload animations are f*cking perfect (aside from holding the MP5 wrong), everything looks and sounds good. It just sucks a massive anus and takes away any satisfying shooting when you can't just drop enemies properly. It might change with perks later on but aside from running up to someone with a shotgun, shooting enemies never felt enjoyable for me.


And don't get me started on that dark zone bullsh*t. The only place you can get proper enemies and decent loot, but everyone is such a piece of sh*t. And with guns being as weak as they are, having firefights are f*cking tedious as f*ck. I can't rely on tactics, movement, shot placement or anything. It is just a Halo spamfest, and it is 100% UN-FUN.


There is also a massive lack of enemies outside of missions. I found myself shooting any kind of organic matter or destructable object just in order to try and get some fun out of the game.


I think if they had realistic damage the game could be an amazingly fun shooter that could use tactics and gadgets to their advantage instead of emptying mag after mag into a hoodlum holding a baseball bat.

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Posted 3 days ago

I've been really interested in this since the first announcement, so I hope that you're wrong but I suspect you're closer to right... There's a push in this sort of game to make them into MMOs or something. I dunno.


I don't want Destiny in any form.


I was almost convinced to pre-order before I remembered that I simply don't do that anymore. I guess they're planning an "open beta," so we'll see what happens then. I suspect I'll still be an early adopter on this one.

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Posted 3 days ago Edited by Fireman, A day ago.

It's definitely looks like it's going to be a MMO, without any multiplayer there will hardly be any content (and who really likes lootwhoring if you can't show it to anyone). I think these 4 levels with singleplayer content took maybe 2 hours? Not very long anyhow.


You can't even start the Hospital mission on hard on your own for example (even though it's completely doable, as when your partner leaves). I pre-ordered (whoops), but as said I'll just use it as a instant action-game or a huge time-sink game. Either one works fine with unlimited random loot.

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Posted A day ago

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Posted 6 hours ago

So I was emailed a beta code from Microsoft, (I didn't preorder either, so I have no clue what's up with that) but I didn't really bother downloading it. I'm just curious, will this open beta be the same as the previous beta, or is it a waste of time to download the old one?

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