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Aztecas Stories

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A big mission series focusing on Mexican gang wars.
Part 1 of Episodes from San Andreas


The story begins when Robert Vialpando Joins the gang because Living in LC is hard. being in end 1992 as the sequel of GTA San andreas the game will mostly be focused on Gang wars and killing for money to survive the crime streets of Los Santos,When Robert joins, the real sh*t is going on in LS. Vagos and Ballas are sending out bigger armies to destroy their enemies, many gang members betray eachother..
More info Coming soon

Main Characters

Robert Vialpando

Joined the Aztecas Gang 3 weeks after the riot, is also Cesar's cousin.
Status:Main Character

Nick B.

Is a long Aztecas member which also supplies alot of guns, but don't ask him for too much guns, or he will go with you on some adventures.
Status:Robert's Friend/Alive
Gangs: Aztecas

Cesar Vialpando

Is the leader of Aztecas. A friend of the Grove Street families. He has been through a lot of sh*t since Carl came to the city.
Status:Robert's Cousin/Alive
Gangs Aztecas(Leader)

Louis Crawford

A new member of the Aztecas. Joined 3 months before when Robert did. Met at "Louis". A true member of Aztecas(?)
Status:Robert's Friend./Alive


The blue mexican gang. Main gang of series.
Status: Alive
The green gang with the leader named Sean and Carl. Also a friend with the Aztecas after "Helping the grove." or even before.
Status: Friend/Alive

Los Santos Rifa
Used to be a part of Aztecas once. Great weapons but very small gang.
Status: Enemy/Small Gang

A drug gang around whole Andreas. Pretty Big but the Aztecas shut them up a bit.
Status: Enemy/Big Gang


1. Car Funeral Steal Back an Black Alpha with weapons.
2. Louis Save Louis.
3. QuadBike Repaint Kill loads of vagos to get your quadbike back.
4. Fast-Food Slow Death Do some driveby on Fastfood restaurants.
5. Drug Warehouse Destroy a vagos warehouse.
6. Helping Grove street Help the Families.
7. Swat Around LS Kill many Swats after the Drug warehouse explosion.
8. Los Santos Rifa Save Kendl And Cesar from the LS Rifa.
9. Policed Car Destroy a Car with alot of heat.
10. Aztecas from Jail Pick up Jimmy from Jail
11. MC Azteca Attack Eddie the Balla.
12. Balla Toys Defend MC's Sex Shop.
13. In Da House Disguise as a Balla and kill some ballas at the Crack den.
14. Vagos Attack Defend El Corona.
15. More Guns Find more guns.
16. Took Yo Guns Get to Chinatown for weapons.
17. Fight back Kill Bikers at Ocean Docks.
18. Fist Fight Beat up Jack Speed.
19. Agent Ralph Kill the three FBI Bosses in LC.
20. High Get attacked by a Vago with a special gun and see some strange sh*t.
21. Respect Has to Be Earned Help Grove street again.
22. Rollin' With CJ Roll with CJ.
23. Nine Juan Juan Steal a Banshee back from the Impound.
24. Ready For Convoy Steal a few Boxvilles.
25. Mysterious Briefcases Get a few Briefcases from Vagos.
26. Boxville Convoy Deliver Weapons to Angel Pine. 
27. Quad Truth Find out the truth about your quad.
28. Yellow Quad Test drive your quad.
29. Wrong side of the Gang Do Ralph's Police work for him.
30. Countryside Get Attacked and go to a Mount Chilliad House.
31. Hitmen Again Go to Matt and get Introduced to everything.
32. Protecting your rights! Replace the Weapon Dealer.
33. Heist Setup Get ready to do a palomino heist.
Palomino Setup 1. Police Moonbeam Steal a Police moonbeam with weapons.
Palomino Setup 2. SWAT Armor find a swat team and steal their armor.
Palomino Setup 3. Brute Bus Find a bus.
35. Palomino Bank Do the Palomino Creek Heist.
36. F Star Star K! Do a Driveby from a Walton.
37. David Robinson Find a house in San Fierro.
38. German-American Guy Meet David.
39. Blowing up Weed Blow up four Weed Fields hidden at Hippy Shopper with an RPG.
40. Louis' Cars Steal Louis' Delivery cars.
41. Jose, Ray and Rick Meet Momma V.
42. Minigunning Destroy 6 Stuntplanes with explosives at the airport
43. Time to Oil Up Destroy a Plane and Petro Trailers with illegal fuel using M4s
44. Nice ride, man. Take photos of an Elegy for David.
45. What am i Doing pick up an Drug Benson.
46. Rick's a dick Kill Rick.
47. Ray's unlucky Day Kill Ray. 
48. Gangsta Grandma Kill Momma V.
49. City hall deal Stop a City hall deal and meet Eddie Crane.
50. Gay Eddie Pick up Eddie's Dad.
51. Car Blowup Blow some cars up with a Rhino.
52. Underwater Adventure Destroy a Underwater base using a special Bobcat and suit.
53. Pink Cars And Clothes? Kill Eddie Crane.
54. Slam This Van Follow a Slamvan and Steal it when it stops.
55. Back in 10 Minutes Get some clothes back for Nick from the Countryside House.
56. Juan More Left Kill Jose at the Vank Hoff parking.
57. Louis' Helicopters Get a rocket launcher and destroy 3 of Louis' drug helis.
58. Keep This Get a Gift from Frank Crane.
59. The Four Cars Steal a Black Huster and get it to the Abandoned Airport.
60. Golden Beagle Steal a Golden Beagle and get it to the Abandoned Airport.
61. Green Ballas Steal the Green Sabre and get it to the Abandoned Airport.
62. Red Rancher XL Get the Last car to the Abandoned Airport.
63. Keys To Heaven Get Keys to a House in Las Venturas.
64. Four Dragons Party Go to a party at the Four Dragons Casino.
65. Small Casino Get info about the Redsands casino.
Redsands Setup 1. SWAT Tank Get a SWAT Tank.
Redsands Setup 2. Teargas Steal some Teargas.
66. Redsands Casino Do the Heist.
67. Dune Ridin' Pick up a weapon drop at Verdant Meadows
68. Abandoned Town find a suspicious Camper in a Abandoned Town and take down a few serial killers
69. Combat Shotgun Kill the Hitmen attacking you
70. You Monster! Get rid of a Monster Truck
71. Black Biker MC Kill Jack Speed
72. Bigger Biker Trouble Kill a group of bikers
73. Bikes and Cages Destroy 4 Biker vehicles
74. San Andre Kill a large group of Russian Mafias
75. Russians dead at Big Spread Call CJ and kill russian mafias at the Big Spread
76. Big Ear Get informed about the biker territories and go to the Big Ear
77. Regular Tom Kill Bikers at Regular Tom
78. Last Base Kill Bikers at the Sherman Resevoir
79. Julio G Kill a news reporter for Julio.
80. Photographing the Crates Photograph 5 crates hidden at the desert.
81. Shoot Now, Pay Later Kill a gang which didn't pay the weapon dealer for months.
82. Louis' Hitmen Kill two very good hitmen.
83. Amateur Paramedics Kill 5 Fake Paramedics(criminals)
84. Eddie The Balla Kill Eddie in a chase.
85. Drunken Bastard Get Nick from Misty's after he had too much to drink.
86. Back in LS Drive Back to Los Santos
87. Playa Down Try to meet MC Azteca again
88. Back to the Gang Kill some ballas at the abandoned idlewood houses.
89. Balla Music Rescue Julio G
90. Ralphie Get explosives off Glen Park's Street
91. Aztecas 4 Life Start a gangwar at vagos territory
92. Chinese Chase Get info off an triad in the atrium.
93. ChoLoco Kill Louis' Mexican Bodyguard and former Rapper.
94. Varrios Los Aztecas Kill Louis
Random Characters:
1. Homeless Loc Kill OG Loc.
2. Homeless Bone County Town Blow up a small town in Bone County using a plane
3. Bleeding to death here! Take Lenny to a Hospital
4. Hey! Stop! Get your Wallet Robbed and take it back.
5. Random Fight Get beat up by a Random Guy and go to the Gym.
6. Everybody's Got a Car! Be a Getaway Driver for two random robbers.
7. Balla Killing Rampage Go on a Rampage
8. Street Thugs Help Kendl with Street Thugs.

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