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Posted 24 July 2013 - 05:39 PM

QUOTE (Belaphron @ Wednesday, Jul 24 2013, 15:56)
When I read Phillp K Dick I just feel really disappointed. I mean the ideas behind his books, the whole premise are usually fantastic; but I just don't think he is able to do his ideas justice, his prose is just not good enough. This means his books are usually a let down. On the bright side we have all these movies based on his works, which are all better than the books they are based on, which not something you see everyday.

there's a saying:

"Bad novels make great movies, and great novels make bad movies."

It's true most of the time but although Dick's work may not have that same technical brilliance, he's good storyteller, and there's a reason why he's got such a following.

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