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Deus Ex: The Fall

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Posted 03 June 2013 - 02:45 PM Edited by kudoboi, 07 June 2013 - 04:36 PM.


Are YOU ready for The Fall?


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Record last updated on..: Mon, Mar 04, 2013

Possibly new announcement at E3?


June 5th!

Who is Ben Saxon? #DeusEx


They might be hinting at the next protag



coming to phones and tablets for $7


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Posted 03 June 2013 - 03:07 PM Edited by Wheatley, 03 June 2013 - 03:15 PM.

Very interesting. monocle.gif

As a huge fan of Deus Ex, this is exciting. I'm just wondering how this would fit into the story. Between Human Revolution and Deus Ex, JC Denton is born in 2029 - 2 years after the events of Human Revolution. While, Paul Denton was born in 2018 so we could see a young version of him just like Tracer Tong.

The only thing that comes to mind was how Megan Reed began work on the Grey Death for Bob Page allowing him to allocate himself more power and money by supplying the only supposed cure to politicians and the wealthy. "The Fall" could be the fall of human civilization caused by the Grey Death leading to the uprising of the Illuminati and the creation of UNATCO and Majestic 12.

Perhaps we get to play as a young, inexperienced Paul Denton? When Paul was 17 and JC was 6, it was becoming clear that Paul was a bit too unpredictable and independent for Majestic 12's tastes and sent JC into a special Swiss school (actually a front for Majestic 12) where his development could be more carefully controlled. To that end, they arranged to have their parents killed by a terrorist faction under Majestic 12 control. Paul was deemed expendable and he was scheduled to die in the same attack, but to the surprise of the conspirators, Paul not only survived the attack that killed his parents but also vowed to join UNATCO to avenge his parents' deaths. By this point UNATCO was nearly under the cabal's thumb, so Majestic 12 decided to let him live and work at the anti-terrorist agency, where they could keep a close eye on him.

In 2040, at the age of 22 years, Paul joined UNATCO and formed a team with agent Anna Navarre, whom he disappointed on several occasions due to his disdain for killing people. Although Paul was busy with his duties at UNATCO, he still visited JC as often as he could.


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Posted 03 June 2013 - 03:09 PM

Deus Ex for sure, that's what we can be certain about.

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Posted 03 June 2013 - 06:46 PM

Yes!. Deus ex is a refreshing First person shooter, a rare breed in the first person category.

I was really bummed out when they done that April fools joke, at least this is real (I hope)

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Posted 04 June 2013 - 03:49 AM

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Posted 05 June 2013 - 02:39 PM Edited by kudoboi, 05 June 2013 - 02:42 PM.

well that was really disappointing. still pretty cool that they added so much for a mobile/ tablet game though

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Posted 05 June 2013 - 03:10 PM


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Posted 05 June 2013 - 03:45 PM

Just for Ipad? Dissapointing. Still,could be a first sign for a real sequel on main platforms soon.

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Posted 05 June 2013 - 03:54 PM

Biggest blue-balling I've had in a good while.

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Posted 05 June 2013 - 05:23 PM

Damn, I haven't gone from excited to disappointed so quickly recently. Well, as they say mobile gaming is a growing platform...

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Posted 05 June 2013 - 05:24 PM

Who told you about Majestic 12!? ph34r.gif

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Posted 07 June 2013 - 04:37 PM

some gameplay for people who still cares about the game

at least its slightly impressive that they have so many features for a 7 bucks mobile game

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