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Period correct COMPLETE vehicle pack

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Posted 02 June 2013 - 03:26 AM

I am creating a mod that will replace all of the cars and bikes in GTA San Andreas. Before I acctually write the lines of code to replace all of the files, I might need some help. It would also help to know that people would acctually download the mod if I worked on it 6+ months.

Finding vehicles and making sure I can put them in a modpack (with owner permission) reqires patience. I also need some help with moddeling for vehicles that dont exist, exc. the utility truck.

Some of the models work well, but have flaws that make them unfavorable. One of the main ones is that CJ does not like to get into right hand drive vehicles, and has to jump off of the roof of the car to find an invisible door handle.

None of the Helicopters, Boats or Rc cars have been planned to be replaced.

The main points that will make the mod good will be:
*No need to find a buttload of cars that are period correct
*Not very Ram-Consuming
* One time easy install (instead of installing cars one by one)

So far I have about twenty cars that have been replaced, with about twelve that work.

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