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[TUT] SA: Re-Claiming 6th Wheel On DFT-30

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Posted 28 May 2013 - 11:18 AM

Hi everyone,

Here's a tutorial on how to get back the missing wheel on the DFT-30 truck using the free 3D modelling program, Blender. There's a video link too.

You will need:
- Blender 2.5 or above
- The DFF Import/Export script from here: http://www.gtaforums...pic=522492&st=0
- IMGTool
- TXDWorkshop
- Python 3.0 or above for Blender

1. Using IMGTool, extract dft30.dff and dft30.txd from gta_3.img, preferably into its own folder.
2. Make a folder inside the first one called 'dft30.dff_tex'.
3. Using TXD Workshop, extract the textures from dft30.txd into the dft30.dff_tex folder you made earlier. Also get the generic vehicle textures out of vehicles.txd.
4. Start Blender and import dft30.dff into it.
5. Find the attachment called 'wheel_lm' and rename it 'wheel_lm_dummy'.
6. Export the model as a .dff, with the same name as the old one, 'dft30.dff'.
7. Using IMGTool, replace the old .dff with the new one.
8. Enjoy driving a DFT-30 with 6 wheels!

The video tutorial version is here, made by me:

Have fun. smile.gif


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