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Posted A week ago


when do I get legendary hand cannon drops? I almost exclusively use hand cannons, auto rifles don't do it for me...

Legendary marks are easy to come by, and the vendor hand cannons are decent. The FWC hand cannon is awesome with Firefly, but people report freezing games upon activating Firefly with it. The crucible drops Eyasluna, which is a lookalike to Hawkmoon, and can roll some good perks. Those looking for a good hand cannon grind out strikes for the Imago Loop, which can roll into a year 2 non-arc Fatebringer. Depends on what kind of hand cannon you are looking for, be it PvE, PvP, or a balance.


I'm really new to the world of destiny and all it brings along...I just do quests/missions and hope the enemies will drop something useful...that vender dude in the tower never got exciting stuff...either rank 40 stuff or things I can pick up on my own during battles....I don't do PvP, if that means deathmatches and stuff against other players....I just do the quests and bounties...got 8000 in cash, don't know the currency's name right now....and I wanna buy something nice, but don't know where to find the right stuff..

also, so I can understand what you're talking about: please tell me what is FWC? firefly? crucible? imago loop?

Sir Michael
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Posted A week ago Edited by Sir Michael, A week ago.

Future War Cult: a faction you can join in the tower. They're down in the hanger just upstairs to where the shipwright hangs out.


Firefly: A perk that makes enemies explode when you kill them with a headshot.


Crucible: the PvP part of this game.


Imago Loop: A legendary Hand Cannon that drops in a strike called "The Undying Mind."


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Posted 5 hours ago

f*ck this Imprecation quest! For f*cks sake they give you a garbage hand cannon and tell you to shoot 7 people in the head with it? WHAT THE f*ck

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