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GTA IV TBOGT [PS3] Clan Black knights

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Posted 26 May 2013 - 03:58 AM Edited by Toke, 26 May 2013 - 04:34 AM.

This is a GTA IV PS3 Clan called BK (Black Knights) We are a Gang of people who dont like to be pushed around if you want to fight us we will always accept.

We ONLY play tbogt

HQ: Star Junction

#1No being disrecpectful
#2: Obay officers above your rank
#3: No shooting unless a officer tells you or your in real danger.
#4: Add NinjaNathy for what clothes to wear and to be tested of your skills.
#5: Must be 12-15


#1: Air( doing escorts, drop offs and giving air support)
#2: Ground( doing escorts, drive bys, gang shoot outs and meetings)
#3: Water ( using a boat you will do escorts, drop offs, shootings and escapes)
#4:Sniper ( Gives support and makes sure escorts are easy)
#5: Guard( protects drop offs, vehicels and inside the building)

vehicles: Ground: LandStalker( Transport, drive bys and escorts)
Air: Buzzard( support) Annihilator( drop offs and escorts)
Water: Dinghy( Drop offs, escorts, shootings, escapes)

Ground: AK-47, pistol 44., AA-12
Air: RPG, pistol 44., Assult SMG,Advanced MG
Water: Advanced MG, Pistol 44., Assult SMG, RPG
Sniper: Advanced Sniper, pistol 44., RPG
Guard: AK-47, pistol 44., Assult SMG

Rank GTAForum Name Gamertag

Username(GTAF) Answer Here
Age (Optional) Answer Here
PS3 Name Answer Here
Do you have a Headset? Answer Here
Time Zone Answer Here
What skills do you have? Answer Here
How often do you visit GTAForums? Answer Here
How Many gangs have you been in Answer Here
Email Answer Here

Members rank:

NinjaNathy: leader
Co-Leader: FREE
Ground officer: FREE
Air officer: FREE
Water officer: FREE
Guard: officer: FREE
Guard: #1: FREE
Guard #2: FREE
Guard #3: FREE
Air: #1: FREE
Air #2: FREE
Ground: #1 FREE
Ground #2 FREE
Ground #3 FREE
Ground #4 FREE
Sniper #1 FREE
Sniper #2 FREE
Water #1 FREE
Water #2 FREE
Water # 3 FREE

Please email me your application at no advertising

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Posted 26 May 2013 - 04:23 AM

Might wanna read the guidelines and get some GFX. Once you get that your set. Good luck mate

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