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Text flickers & sound dies in rain.

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Posted 26 May 2013 - 02:26 AM

QUOTE (radioman @ Sunday, May 26 2013, 03:17)
Don't Change Your Win XP SP2 To Win XP SP3, It Can Caused Many Bugs Like Roads And Building Flickering, Crosshair Dissappear, Sound Die While Raining, Even Mouse Freeze! nervous.gif

First of all, that is NOT caused by SP3-the first two problems(flickering and crosshairs ones) are related to the Video card and Video Card drivers...The Sound problems is ONLY present IF you have a Realtek HD Sound card(the Regular Realtek cards DO NOT have this problem)-For Legal games OR IF you have an Illegal game copy)...The Mouse freeze is on SP2 as well. For example and proof: I have played this game on a Windows XP Home SP2(then updated to SP3) with an AMD Sempron [email protected], 256 MB Ram(then updated to 1GB), a Realtek Sound card, and a SIS/VIA Video card w/32MB Vram and the game ran great with no bugs or problems. Also, ran it on a XP Pro SP2(then SP3) with an Intel Centrino(Core2Duo), 2GB Ram, Realtek HD Sound card, and a Intel Video card w/128mb vram and the game has NO flickering problems nor the crosshair problems. The ONLY problem I have had(which were on BOTH SP2 AND SP3), was the Sound issue, however, lowering the Sound Acceleration to Basic fixed that issue. This is on a Legal V2 game. Only happens on the Realtek HD cards for some reason-never had that problem on the older regular Realtek cards. Just a heads up. smile.gif

Okay, Dude, I Have Been Fix The Crosshair Dissappear Using Colormod By Ryosuke839, And I Also Has Fix Mouse Freeze Using mousefix.asi By Ryosuke839, But, My GTA Only 2 Bugs Left, Its Are Texture Flickering And Sound Die While Raining, Please Help Me, I Have Created The Topic In This Website, But Has Been Locked Because I Tell My Version GTA Is 1.0 US HOODLUM NO-CD Fixed EXE, Can Anybody Fix This? cryani.gif

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Posted 26 May 2013 - 02:41 AM

No-CD cracks are Pirate oriented. We don't assist in Piracy.
Rain problem is fixed by using the Official Patch 1.01, which also prevents modding.
Hoodlum is a pirate mod.

Buy the real game. In the unlikely event you have a problem with the Real Game you may seek help here.

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