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Two topics in one; Car Saving and Tunnels

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Posted 24 May 2013 - 05:03 PM

- You guys remember in IV when having a nice sports car while doing a mision with that car, watching the cutcene and then your boss gives you a job you leave his house and cry.gif your car disappeard. I know this has been discussed plenty of times but I want this to take clear and see what you guys think of this, also in multiplayer this happened many times too everybody I guess. Yesterday I was playing online with a friend a we had the Police Stinger, we parked before the Bahama Mamas and went inside, when we left the building our cars wasn't there anymore.

- Also in IV, we only had three tunnels in the whole Liberty City, one in Shottler "Dukes" by Little Jacob's house, one in Castle Garden "South Alqonquin" and one from Alqonquin to Alderney called the "Booth Tunnel", It's obvious in V we'll see more tunnels and it's a stupid question but how many do you think there will be? And how long will be the longest? Just take a guess smile.gif

Thank you very much.

- Smaaske

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Posted 24 May 2013 - 05:08 PM

Didnt realize we're running out of room on the internet. Everyone has to conserve thread space! biggrin.gif

I think with the new customizing features your car will always be where you left it or it will reappear at your safehouse. I hope there is an impound lot for when you get arrested.

The more tunnels the better! Bottlenecking witless morons into your crosshairs never gets old!

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