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Rant :D

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    f*ck you foley talking sh*t about my dead girl

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Posted 21 May 2013 - 06:49 PM

If you let weak ass words from people that dont even know you affect you, you suck. your parents should f*cking be letting these kids know its okay to be whatever the f*ck they are and that opinions dont f*cking matter. f*ck everyone. thats how my mom raised me. to speak my mind and do what l want. l just wish more people thought this way. you know how many people actually f*cking hate me? like. l cant get a f*cking shoe past without someone saying how much of a fa**ot i am, you think that sh*t affects me? hell no. you know why? cause l f*cking like myself and lm stoked that i have a shoe with vans. nlggas used to make tun of my big ass ears and my gap teeth and all that. sh*t, i Ike both of them and so do all the girls around the world that f*ck with me. and thats all that matters.that i f*ck with it. see. no one is telling these lil nlggas to think like that, everyone ls telling these kids to be like everyone else. here, look at this article on how to dress Iike ur favorite rapper! dont think for yourself no dont do that! no one ls willng to accept anything different. thats why gay kids have such a problem with themselves. cause everyone around them ls making it seem like its wrong and all that sh*t. its rare you have anyone say hey. whatever your different. cool. now lets continue doing what we were doing. ok lm ranting and going off topic and it your friends are spending more time telling you about some fa**ot comments someone said than about sh*t that you guys are into. thats not your friend and they're a fa**ot too.

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Posted 21 May 2013 - 07:08 PM

Speaks out about the difficulties faced by young gay people; spits the word 'fa**ot' in all general directions.

Glad you got that off your chest.

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