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My Creepypasta

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Posted 20 May 2013 - 08:59 AM Edited by Master of San Andreas, 20 May 2013 - 09:06 AM.

This is my creepypasta as promised. Inspiration taken from the Pizza Delivery guy cheers mate. smile.gif

The Mysterious Video Game


Gaming wise, I am a really hard core gamer, I own a PS2 and PS3 and a fairly decent PC, but this is nothing compared to my friend Lee Jennings.

Lee meanwhile has his own room to keep his games and consoles, he was a serious gamer and took the storyline and gameplay of games very seriously. He has so far signed up in more than 50 various video game forums, he got banned in one called "GTAForums" though because he used to spam up people and boast about his gaming skills. He tried creating a new account on the same site but he got banned because a mod called "Eminence" banned him. He curses him every time the subject is brought up.

One day I get a call from Lee. He says he is seriously bored and that he has finished all the games that he has, I promise that I would look for some games for him.

Later in the day, I read in the newspaper that there is a video game yard sale with the most expensive games costing up to just 10$. It was just 2 blocks away from our school, it seemed like a good deal for me and I informed Lee about it and he thought so too, so we decided to pay a visit to the yard sale the next evening after school.

The next evening, me and Lee got all our pocket money out and set out to the sale. At the sale, there are tons and tons of games to choose and it was crowded with kids and teens, I and Lee make our way slowly to the front.

I have 30$ of pocket money and so far I've spent 20$ for 4 games. I decide that is enough and stop spending, Lee however bought 32 games so far, and I was just telling him we ought to leave when he grabbed my hand:

"What?" I ask him angrily.

He points over to a small boy waving his hand in our direction, curious we both make our way up to him.

"Hey kid you got any games on you?" Lee asks.
"Yes" says the boy "I can give you this PlayStation 2 game for free"

He shows us the game CD and the cover, There is absolutely nothing on the cover or CD except for the PS2 sticker on the top of the cover.

"Don't take it" I whisper in Lee's year.
"Why?" he asks quietly.
"I have a feeling that it could be dangerous"
"How could a game be dangerous?" says Lee laughing out loud.

I feel uneasy as I watch Lee take the game from the boy, the boy gives us his address and tells us to pay a visit to him if we have any problem with the game.

Lee and I decide to try out the unknown game first, we both make our way to Lee's home and then in his room, Lee turns on his PS2 and puts disk into the drive.

The game starts and it starts quite normally with the name "XXXXXX" and then we see a kid standing in a lonely area.

"What should we do?" I ask Lee.
"Donít know...usually a game comes with a manual but this one does not have one and there isn't a menu either" he replies looking concerned.

Suddenly without Lee's control, the kid on the screen turns and faces us for a brief moment I see his face and then it hit me with the force of a stampeding troll:

It was the same kid who gave us the game!

Before I could think further Lee's PS2 shuts down on its own.

"Stupid thing" Lee says "Well let's try this game tomorrow, let's get some sleep"

I don't answer I just nod, maybe I was just dreaming but no I was not.

Well we'll try the game again tomorrow, I thought and then maybe I could solve the mystery.


Part 2 coming soon.

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Posted 20 May 2013 - 11:39 AM

Not bad..

The Pizza Delivery Guy
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Posted 20 May 2013 - 02:14 PM

Nice job, I love the GTAF part. I was thinking of writing up another creepypasta, and reading this jogged my mind into gear!

Uhm... there are a lot of cliches that creepypastas follow. If you changed even the tiniest thing with how Lee got the game, it would sound really fresh and new. Even I went the garage sale route with my creepypasta, and wouldn't today. So if there was any way I could suggest for part 2 is lessen the cliches. You may have to read a couple other creepypastas. That way you'll find patterns, and what's written more often then not.

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