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cant see setting page clearly (fonts missing)

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Posted 19 May 2013 - 12:06 PM

The game is installed on a laptop with proc i3 2310m, 2gb ram, hd 3000 256mb graphic adapter. the os is win xp sp3. the command string is
"F:\Program Files\Grand Theft Auto IV\LaunchGTAIV.exe" -minspecaudio -percentvidmem 100 -detailquality 0 -renderquality 0 -shadowdensity 0 -texturequality 0 -viewdistance 0 -disableimposters

The game is running normally (like it suppossed to on such system). Anyway when i press Esc to go to screen page i cant see anything clearly. Strings from every page is missing and all i can see is map and bars.
user posted image
I have also these but to no avail.

"F:\Program Files\Grand Theft Auto IV\LaunchGTAIV.exe"
"F:\Program Files\Grand Theft Auto IV\LaunchGTAIV.exe" -minspecaudio -percentvidmem 100 -detailquality 10 -renderquality 10 -shadowdensity 10 -texturequality 10 -viewdistance 1 -disableimposters
"F:\Program Files\Grand Theft Auto IV\LaunchGTAIV.exe" -norestrictions


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Posted 21 May 2013 - 07:36 PM

Well, considering you have a processor that is on the lower end of the Intel "I" family-the I3, instead of an I5 OR I7, plus the minimum amount of ram for the game, and the fact that you have an Intel card with only 256MB of vram(the minimum for IV)-on top of that, it is Integrated vram(ie. shared with the system ram)-I have yet to see any Intel video card have more than 128MB of Dedicated vram(what games use). That performance is quite expected of an Intel card.

On top of that, it is a laptop, which typically have lower power Processors and video cards as compared to their desktop counterparts. Also, laptops tend to use more Ram and Processor power than desktops do.

Not really much of anything you can do besides get a new PC, as laptops cannot be upgraded. You can run the older GTA games-III, VC, and SA just fine, but NOT newer ones like IV and EFLC.

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