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Annoying Heli Pilots

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Posted 17 May 2013 - 02:09 AM Edited by streetx1xracer, 17 May 2013 - 02:12 AM.

So we all know how there are modders in gta4 with invincible vehicles stuff, etc. And its all fun and games until some modder decides to repeatedly kill you. Tell your experiences of dem modders.

My experience- so today my 2 friends and i were playing around doing average gta stuff. A few people joined and we started the average gun fights, heli fights, etc. After some time a person under the name SUK_MA_POOSAY joined. So my friends and I decided to kill him to prevent him from getting heli. He started to get on his period and when he got heli, I got in a heli fight. I was expecting him to suck due to the fact that he kept kicking anyone who killed him. Unfortunately in my position he shot me down in less than a few seconds. I automatically assumed he was using aimbot because he was barely aiming and kept getting perfect shots on me. My friend just barely managed to get his heli on fire, and he luckily died.

Later that server no one had a heli, except me. I went to pick up my friend. The map was repeatedly checked by me so i could know if anyone was planning to get a heli. No one was en route for helipads. SUK_MA_POOSAY was in downtown Liberty City appearing to be afc. Just as i was entering the 2nd island and checking map, i saw him flying towards me with a heli. The thought popped in my mind that someone must of given him a heli. And i got shot down again in matter of seconds. I jumped out onto a rooftop to somehow survive from my flaming heli, unfortunately my heli crushed me. But a random person came to my rescue (sadly i died) and started a heli fight with him, leading to a sad defeat by the unpresidented attempt.

I made a rendezvous to Colony Island to achieve weapons and hide out from the pilot. He later came after me and started shooting at the building i was hiding in, so my friend quickly grabbed a heli (victorious distraction). As my friend started to distract him, I went to get the heli. Just as i started up the heli, SUK_ gave up on chasing my friend. My friend and i met up and decided to rush him. Our unsuccessful rush led to my friends dying and me being cornered. He later gave up on me and started shooting my friend who was coming towards me. I achieved a perfect rpg shot at the pilot, and to my suprise nothing happened. I assume my rpg achieved max distance. I darted to get a vehicle and to gtfo of airport, but then SUK_ glitched. As i was about reach a parking he shot me from below.

About 5 or 10 minutes later my 2 friends and I all got helis and tried to f*ck him over. Unsuccessful. It was a brutal 5-10min war. His maneuvers were magnificent and we all were aware of his aimbot. Later we came to the assumption that was using mods because we got alot of bullets into his heli. So we kicked him within seconds. Our assumptions were right because my friends managed to find his unscathed heli. It had invincible blades and infinite health.

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Posted 17 May 2013 - 07:22 AM


Lets keep it in one topic. smile.gif

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