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Posted 13 May 2013 - 03:14 PM

Hey guys.

I'd like to let you hear one of my tracks.
I just want some feedback and you can subscribe and comment if you'd like to.

The start and the intro of the song is kind of sh*ttty, but in the middle until the end, it'll get better, inlcuding the chorus-part.

Subscribe me, comment and like if you want to:

Also follow me on twitter, please! https://twitter.com/ArmaneOfficial


Here you have the lyrics:


He totally hates this,
he still goes through it,
with the last motivation
his momma gave him

he dances with the devil
to be one of the greatest.

He remembers that he aint got a thing to lose,
and as his voice on the microphone fades in

I got so many problems, I push and it comes back with violence,
god help me , cant survive this,

this aint no bonny and clyde sh*t,
i dont got no one with me,
just this pencil and alot of silence

what do life offer me?
A mother that struggles for me, ending up sad and crying

man i cant offer her nothing but she deserves best, im hiding
from society, they turned me cold hearted, im dyin

i barely got enough strength to hold this pen,
i never get approached with kindness,
but i dont give a damn
wont give up 'til i see an end, yeah

i claim that im a fighter , inside ima weak loser
a junk with a pipe and no lighter
ima f*ckin nightrider

my lyrics i do em the finest, cuz ima overnighter
f*ck cars and diamonds i got lyrics, ima sick writer,
ima multiplyin provider

that girl i once liked, now i despite her,
i can do it on my own, mansion, studio
and a golden 300C chrysler,

ive got major plans,
this is my first and only chance
this time im not leaving this place with empty hands
note that on your f*ckin forehead


Man Im tired of dreaming about platinum,
being picked on, gettin bad reactions,
when i do something for my passion

but im hardened now, nothin what could stop me
i need overdo,
this rap sh*t got me back in the right path
i belong to

Kind regards.

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Posted 13 May 2013 - 06:57 PM

u wot m90

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