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A summary of a Dutch preview

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Posted 12 May 2013 - 07:52 PM

QUOTE (Shockenheim @ Sunday, May 12 2013, 18:17)
QUOTE (MosquitoSmasher @ Sunday, May 12 2013, 17:59)
Ah right. But it's not like the previews at first said the features from GTA:SA would be returning in GTA IV, right? Cause i don't recall reading those things at all.

No you're correct. Everybody expected something like San Andreas to be the next GTA so they assumed all of the features would be back in. Wich was not the case.

The reason Rockstar didn't get to bring all those features back in GTA IV is, most likely, because they had to built the their "RAGE" game engine & get it running sufficiently. Which was probably a huge undertaking. With GTA V they have that RAGE all set & all the experience from working with it on RDR & MP3, so more time can be put into making a more ambitious game.

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Posted 12 May 2013 - 08:26 PM

QUOTE (stobe187 @ Sunday, May 12 2013, 14:12)
QUOTE (wwinterj @ Sunday, May 12 2013, 13:31)

Still not sure how I feel about this. I guess I'll have to see it in action but I'd hate to be limited on the amount of weapons I can hold. With that said even last gen GTA games were limited in how much weapons you could hold so I suppose it could work. Only time will tell.

All GTA games have had a limited number of weapons on you at any given point. In IV (like most games in the 3D era) you can switch between sets with cheats, and some weapons replace others when picked up.

The "scroll through every weapon to find the one you want" system that was still in use in IV was ancient, and I for one am very pleased to see them go with a more quickly deployable version.

I hate it when in IV you get out of the car to smoke some cops and you have the wrong weapon selected, it's a major hassle to scroll thru em.

You didnt know that there was a weapon quick select in IV ? i think u hold L1 and up on dpad for pistols and L1 and left for shotgun, right and down on d pad were also used.

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Posted 12 May 2013 - 09:06 PM

I hope wild animals aren't roaming the forest in day light like bugs, that would be fecking annoying.

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Posted 12 May 2013 - 09:08 PM

QUOTE (˸ @ Sunday, May 12 2013, 21:06)
I hope wild animals aren't roaming the forest in day light like bugs, that would be fecking annoying.

? Animals need vitamin D too

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Posted 12 May 2013 - 09:44 PM

QUOTE (theworldfamous @ Sunday, May 12 2013, 18:58)
Crap I totally missed this.. this article is great. Lots more info than OP mentions and some stuff that has me excited.

-taxi and ambulance missions are back
-dating is out
-the heists are like boss fights, with all three characters involved
-controls are like in Max Payne 3 so you can dive and roll
-car controls have also changed apparently..but no details
-for larger heists you need to hire more crew, that's in addition to having Michael, Trevor and Franklin there

here's a juicy bit i'll translate, hinting at the in game economy:

Geld verdienen werkt grotendeels zoals je gewend bent. Je krijgt het voor de missies die je doet, maar ook voor allerlei andere legale of illegale klusjes. Toch is er wel degelijk verschil, want er zijn veel meer manieren om geld uit te geven. Je kunt bijvoorbeeld nog steeds een auto, boot of vliegtuig stelen, alleen kun je een voertuig niet langer zomaar ergens parkeren voor toekomstig gebruik. Als je een auto wilt bewaren, zul je eerst een garage moeten hebben. Dat kan, maar die dien je wel te kopen. Dat geldt ook bij een boot. Wil je die bewaren, dan moet je een jachthaven kopen. Wil je een vliegtuig tot je beschikking houden, dan zul je eerst een vliegveld moeten aanschaffen. Daar kunnen grote grote sommen geld mee gemoeid zijn. Er zitten voordelen aan het kopen van dergelijk vastgoed, zegt Rockstar, al wil het nog niet loslaten welke perks dat oplevert. Je kunt je geld overigens ook spenderen aan het opwaarderen en het versieren van eigendommen als auto's en geweren. Daarmee zou het zonde zijn als je je wapens verliest als je doodgeschoten wordt. Gelukkig kun je dit keer ook actief worden in de zakenwereld en daar een stabiele stroom inkomsten mee genereren, al willen de makers nog niet loslaten hoe dat werkt.

Making money is much like you're used to. You get it for completing mission, but also from a host other legal and illegal jobs. But there's significant difference: there are much more ways to spend. You can still steal a car, boat or plane, but you can't just park a vehicle anywhere for future use. If you want to hold on to a car, you're gonna need a garage. No problem, but you're gonna have to buy one. Same goes for boats and planes, where you'll have to buy marinas or airports. That can be very expensive, but there are perks for owning real estate like that. What perks exactly Rockstar doesn't want to say. You can also spend it on customizing weapons and vehicles. Luckily this time you can also become active in the business world and generate a steady income, but the producer don't want to tell how that works.

-RDR has clearly inspired the countryside, but it's less barren.
-motorcross is a minigame
-random events from RDR return
-countryside is populated with biker gangs, predators and 'crazies'
-there's also a secret military base
-you're introduced to Michael first, then Franklin, then Trevor. This to give you time to get to know each and learn the skills advantages they bring.


How do they know who we meet first in the game?

BTW the three trailers were also in that order: Michael then Franklin then Trevor.

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