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[REL|III] GTA 3 Natural HD Textures

III Released
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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by Alt, 4 weeks ago.

That guy on the gif looks annoyed so I thought of sarcasm for something. Glad that it's not like that.


Dug a bit further and found the case. Each time game creates txd.img it results different *txd files inside this *img archive. Content of these files stays the same but technically they're different (so you can't compare them by checksum/MD5). Luckily we have Magic.TXD which could unpack txd files and unlike R* method creates each time exactly the same txd files from the same content. So I unpacked all resources of all txd-s, packed them back and compared resulted files by hash (*md5-files from HashCheck, ExamDiff for comparing them and creating the list + txt editor with regex support for removing unnecessary symbols on the left).


Here's the list of modded files:



Theoretically textures were replaced with HD ones so *txd file sizes should be different. Well, they're for most of the files but 3 of them remained the same (dam, dambase & pumphouse).

So almost same as before:

* Get original txd.img

* Extract files from  both (original and modded) txd.img archives into some separate folders (e.g. txd-img, txd-img-mod)

* Grab WinMerge (binaries as it's portable version). Install Visual C++ 2008 Redist (x86) if you don't have it.

* Open WinMergeU.exe. <Edit> -> "Options" -> "Compare" - "Folder". Change "Compare method" to "Size"

Then go to File -> Open. For the "Left" choose "txd-img" folder and for the "Right" respectively "txd-img-mod". Click OK.

* "View" - uncheck "Show Identical Items"

* Select all files (Ctrl+A/ Edit -> Select All), right-click somewhere on the selected area and choose "Copy -> Right to..."

* Congratulations, you have almost each modded file in the separate folder. Now just move there the rest of them (dam.txd, dambase.txd & pumphouse.txd).


Well, that wasn't boring also found some useful utilities...

And yeah, you're welcome ;)

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Posted 3 weeks ago


I hope this doesn't look sarcastically

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