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Suggestion for cleaning mods from gtagarage.com

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Posted 10 May 2013 - 09:13 PM Edited by 65536, 11 May 2013 - 03:25 PM.

I have a suggestion for the team hosting GTA Network.com. I suggest in gtagarage.com to be added a feature that automatically deletes mods older than 6 months if their Status says "Complete", but Download section says "No Download Available Yet", i. e. a feature for gtagarage.com which automatically check, detect and delete all mods with status "Complete" appeared on gtagarage.com a more than 6 months ago with no download available at all.

For example: Someone is made a page for any completed (finished) mod in gtagarage.com, but didn't upload the files for his mod. If 5 months passess and the mod stays without the download (i. e. if download section says "No Download Available Yet"), the site sends to mod's author a reminidering e-mail to upload his mod. If the author doesn't respond (or he isn't had any activity on gtagarage.com, gtaforums.com, etc.) and 6 months after publishing his completed mod it is still unavailable for download, it to be automatically deleted from gtagarage.com. There are many users that has done any mods, register on gtagarage.com and publish there a pages for their completed mods and leaves the site, however, these authors never have any activity anymore, not even to upload their mods.

I. e. on every mod appeared on gtagarage.com a more than 6 months ago this feature to acts like this:

1. Status: Work in Progress: Download: No Download; Mod Not Complete - automatic deleting doesn't apply;
2. Status: Work in Progress: Download: (list of files available for download); - automatic deleting doesn't apply;
3. Status: Complete; Download: No Download Available Yet - automatically deleting will activates and deletes the corresponding mod;
4. Status: Complete; Download: (list of files available for download); - automatic deleting doesn't apply.

In this way gtagarage.com will be kept clean from any similar "dead" mods that are completed, but no matter, their authors never uploaded and made them available for download. And in this way will be released a server disk space from a similar mods that because of the missing (unavailable) download nobody will be able to use them in his GTA game.

I've used the search engine and searched forum for a similar thread in "The Network" forum, but it didn't found a similar one. Or, if a similar thread already exists, please to move this topic there...

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Posted 11 May 2013 - 11:48 AM

Thanks for the suggestion, but we've actually been doing this already for a few years - however there can be a slight delay since the removals must be moderated. Auto-deleting stuff isn't necessarily in the community's interests. wink.gif

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