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Alternate models

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Posted 08 May 2013 - 05:23 PM

Hey guys, Im new here although i lurked for a couple of months before signing up.

So i was wondering if i could get some help, basically i have all the gangs all over the map but i keep seeing them with just 1 model of the gang members. I know the gangs all only have 1 or 2 but its kinda annoying to see 4 of the same bikers or 4 of diaz's men all same walking around. so could anyone guide me in the right direction to change it up so both of each gang (besides the PIG's which only have 1 model) member model show up?

and if you guys are feeling extra generous maybe help me out with making the gangs ride around town if its not asking too much ;P

I have this if its any help

So do i have to put this in sanny builder? if so where?

Vice City
Number Name Character ID 1 Character model 1 Character ID 2 Character model 2 Vehicle ID Vehicle model
0 Cubans 83 #CBA 84 #CBB 164 #CUBAN
1 Haitians 85 #HNA 86 #HNB 142 #VOODOO
2 Streetw 87 #SGA 88 #SGB 179 #GANGBUR
3 Diaz's 89 #CLA 90 #CLB
4 PIG 91 #GDA 92 #GDB
5 Biker 93 #BKA 94 #BKB 166 #ANGEL
6 Vercetti 95 #PGA 96 #PGB

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